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Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th Aspect can range from Conjunction to semi-sextile range (29o) depending on location of each Sun within the sign.  However, being in the same sign there will be strong similarities regardless.
Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th
What you like about each other:  Sense of fairness, good conversation, doing just about anything as long as you're together, socializing with friends, working together on a project and finishing it.

What drives you crazy:  Inability to deal with the heart of emotional issues, being too bossy or logical, talking something to death.

Intuitively you would think that two air signs would talk each other to death and two cardinal signs would spend most of their time butting heads, but amazingly this couple can usually get along quite well.  That is probably attributable to being ruled by Venus, clear and simple.  This general affection for humanity in general, coupled with their inherent desire to always be fair and need to be involved in a relationship actually make these somewhat of an ideal match.  When like signs pair up, the characteristics generally should be considered squared (in the mathematical sense) as opposed to simply multiplying it by two. (Ever notice how "times-ing" is not really a written word but we’ve been using it all the time, at least since 4th grade?) Of course two times two and two squared both come out to four, but that’s besides the point. Two Libras Squared just sounds a lot more interesting than Two Times Two Libras. If anyone other than a Libra is reading this, by now they’re scratching their head and probably clicked back to another section, but the Libras know exactly what I mean.

And now that we’ve gotten rid of any intruders I can get on with it with true Libra candor. You may be suspicious of me since I’ve said elsewhere that I’m a native Capricorn with a Virgo ascendant. Well, at this point in life, thanks to the magic of Progressed Charts, I have a Libra Ascendant so I understand better than you’d think, so listen up.

You two have a good thing going. You both like to talk and you’re both so fair that you argue over who’s turn it is to clean the bathroom this week. This is largely because you are both ruled by Venus. You’re both Cardinal signs, but your bossiness usually manifests as being an arbitrator and/or mediator to the masses, who are so incredibly unfair to each other and seem totally incapable of agreeing, so the two of you really don’t have much if anything to argue about. But just like any inbred species, both strengths and weaknesses are amplified. In this case the weakness is Libra's aversion to confronting deeply personal emotional issues. You may very rarely disagree with each other about anything, but if you ever do, it can be a total train wreck. This is because neither of you are comfortable defending yourself or your own feelings, meaning whatever it is will get swept under the rug and stay there for possibly decades or until it comes up again. Eventually that heap under the rug will get to the point that it can no longer be ignored and you’ll start tripping over it.

I think this Libra weakness comes about in a couple of ways.  One is that they want so much to be fair that they will compromise what they really want to make peace, then continue to ruminate on their dissatisfaction, either consciously or subconsciously, until something forces it out in the open again.  They don't necessarily bear grudges, though they might, but they will definitely remember a hurt for a long time and make every effort to avoid dealing with it by whatever means necessary.  If they happen to be the offender they will also refuse to face the facts, since they can't deal with the idea that they may have been unfair in some way.  Rather they will do everything in their power to shift the blame to the other person and rationalize and justify their actions until they're so tired of listening to it that they let it go.  Multiply this by two (or, heaven forbid, square it) in an emotional confrontation and the result will undoubtedly evolve to a couple best described as Dysfunctional R Us. 

This inability to express your feelings may be a problem when Libras pair with other signs, but when you pair with each other you can actually use this trait to your advantage. What you need to do is what you both do so very well, and that is get inside the other person’s head and defend them instead of yourself. You couldn’t trust anyone else to do that without taking advantage of you, but you CAN trust another Libra! And with that one problem solved, you should have a match made in Heaven. Just don’t tell the other signs.

* * *

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