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Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th Signs are semi-sextile (30o).  Aspect can range from near Conjunction (1o) to Sextile range (59o), depending on exact position of each Sun. 
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th
What you like about each other:  Libra lightness and conversational talents, Scorpio intensity and mystique.

What drives you crazy:  Libra is in a sailboat skimming along the surface on a stiff breeze and Scorpio is in a nuclear submarine in the depths of the ocean.

Oh, boy, another one of those cosmic next door neighbors that would do well with a good fence between them. An unscaleable one that goes up at least as far as the North Star. I kid you not. You would think that Libra, resident of the 7th House of relationship and ruled by the loving planet, Venus, could get along with everyone. In principle I suppose they can, but sometimes their sense of fairness grates others the wrong way. Particularly those who are opinionated or obsessive about something. And thus we have the problem when Libra pairs with Scorpio.

Being a Cardinal sign, Libra tends to be a bit bossy. Sometimes they might even be accused of sounding like a broken record. Thus, if someone is grating on their sense of fairness, i.e. obsessing on something or someone that has more than one argument, Libra is going to try and force balance by whatever means necessary. In other words, as an Air sign, itís just possible that Libra doesnít know when to shut-up. Especially when dealing with a Scorpio.

Scorpios are Fixed Water signs, meaning they donít change their mind much if at all and are emotionally involved with life generally. Now this is not the same emotional involvement as fellow Water signs such as the Crab or the Fish who are huggy and kissy and want everyone to be friends and happy, happy, happy. While Scorpios are often affectionate, their emotional involvement can also relate to power. Recall that Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld. They have obsession down to an artform. Once they get on to something they won't let it go.  They also hail from the 8th House of sex, death and other peopleís money. There simply ainít much there, honey, thatís compatible with the 7th House that is all about relationships and fairness, except that both tend to require a nice, comfortable and aesthetic environment. And guess what else, Libra? The barb on the end of that Scorpionís tail is not about fairness, itís about revenge.

This is not to say that Scorpios are not nice people. Most of them are, or at least can be civilized for the most part. But they have a lethal element that you do not, I repeat DO NOT want to piss off. And a nagging, fairness-preaching Libra is enough to piss off just about anyone.  Another Libra trait that can annoy a Scorpio is  when Lib is so busy weighing all sides of an issue that they become downright indecisive.  They can also be sneaky in their quest to balance everything out and being sneaky with a Scorpio is like playing golf with Tiger Woods, i.e. guess who's going to win?  Libs can also be perceived as two-faced because they try to see everyone's side, another trait Scorpio will not exactly find enchanting.  If they don't like someone they're going to expect you to dislike them, too.

Okay, in all fairness, (guess who has a Libra Ascendant in her Progressed chart?) I need to confess that the previous diatribe has a history. I knew a Scorpio-Libra couple once that was the worst train wreck you ever saw and there was figurative blood all over when they split. And believe it or not, two years later, the Libra, after doing all sorts of insidious things at the time of the breakup and afterward, was still trying to "be friends" with the Scorpio and believe me, the Scorpio would not have pissed on that particular Libra if they were in flames.

So let this be if nothing else a cautionary tale. Iím sure that somewhere there is a Libra-Scorpio couple, maybe even dozens of them, who are very, very happy. But donít take that for granted and never underestimate what a Scorpio might do when theyíve had enough or want revenge.  Enough said.

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