Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mercury has gone into Virgo, the sign he likes best of the entire zodiac, because it optimizes his positive traits and ability to function properly. This enhances your communications as well as repairs, since Mercury rules the former and, in the case of the latter, anything that moves. Sudden course changes are likely and could relate back to those relationship issues noted yesterday. These are not necessarily negative, and even negativity has its place because sometimes hitting a dead end is what you need to set off in a more positive direction.

Sun: Leo * Lunar Phase: Waning Crescent * Moon Sign: Cancer

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Was the Houston Flood the Fault of the Stars?
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Zany Characters Among the Stars!

Leo Limelight Lunacy

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Interview with Author/Illustrator Donna McGarry


NOTE:--Forecasts are based on the planetary transits represented by the above chart, known in the astrological community as a "Transit to Transit" chart.  They address the general astrological tone for the day and will most likely be evidenced in the world around you; they may not affect you directly but most likely will affect someone you know.  If you have a specific experience related to a forecast that confirms or even denies it, I'd love to hear about it at  

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