Friday, 17 November 2017

There are lots of opportunities out there today, though some of them may be disguised as a speed-bump or other nuisance.  Thus, if that needed change has not been apparent, today it might be, a path stretching out before you that you didn't see before. This will be further emphasized tomorrow with the New Moon, so bear that in mind. There is still some resistance, whether it's from people around you or your own past. Perhaps you've tried something similar before and it was a huge flop, so you're justifiably cautious about going down that road again. Remember that "timing is everything" and maybe back then it wasn't right, but now it is.

Sun: Scorpio * Lunar Phase: Waning Crescent * Moon Sign: Scorpio

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Cosmic Influences in the 1977 Aviation Disaster in Tenerife


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