Thursday, 17 April 2014

Your head and heart are likely to be in entirely different places today and never the 'twain shall meet.  Neither is likely to be exactly what you'd call content with two entirely different intentions vying for attention.  It's a favorable day to deal with loved ones, past or present, but of course the tension remains thanks to that looming Grand Cross due to explode across the zodiac in 5 more days. 

Sun: Aries  *  Lunar Phase: Full  *  Moon Sign:  Scorpio -> Sagittarius

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The Perfect Gift for that Little Aries!

Zodiacts: Aries Adventure

See my review of this delightful children's book on

Mars Retrograde

Why everything that moves is doing it in reverse.

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Sedna & Another Oil Spill

Inuit goddess of the sea oversees another environmental disaster

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What happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

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Depressed? Bummed out?

Surviving Saturn Transits

Do you ever wonder...

Why you act or feel a certain way?
Where a certain talent came from?
Why you feel driven to pursue something?

For me, I always wondered why I was so driven to write.  From the time I was barely old enough to hold a pencil I wanted to write stories.  My natal chart gave a few hints but they weren't really that clear.  However, years later, even after I'd been into astrology for quite a long time, I discovered the answer:
Kalliope, muse of writing, was sitting on my Ascendant with a huge grin on her face.

Kalliope is an asteroid and a fairly obscure one at that, yet she solved a mystery about myself I'd wondered about for years.  As an astrologer I'd learned early on that asteroids fine-tune your personality and reveal details the usual natal reading of the planets and luminaries miss.  While you may have something in common with those who share you Sun Sign you know that everyone is a distinct individual.  The Moon and planets help define you but still leave a lot to be discovered.  

Asteroids get personal.  There are thousands of them, making that possible. 

What will the asteroids reveal about YOU?

Find out with an
Asteroids Report
Sample Report
Sale:  $9.95
$12.95 reg.


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NOTE:--Forecasts are based on the planetary transits represented by the above chart, known in the astrological community as a "Transit to Transit" chart.  They address the general astrological tone for the day and will most likely be evidenced in the world around you; they may not affect you directly but most likely will affect someone you know.  If you have a specific experience related to a forecast that confirms or even denies it, I'd love to hear about it at  

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