January 2012 Astrocast

Key Events:  

Full Moon (18:26 Cancer): 9 January 2012

New Moon (02:42 Aquarius): 23 January 2011

Retrograde Planets

Mars (23:05 Virgo - 03:41 Virgo):  24 January 2012 - 14 April 2012

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The New Year begins with all planets in direct motion which makes it a great time to focus on what you want to accomplish and get your goals defined.  If you didn't make any New Year's Resolution or goals at the time of your solar return, it is still not too late to do so.  When the planets are all moving forward it allows their energies as projected from the sign in which they reside to manifest in your conscious mind.  Retrograde planets, however, communicate with your unconscious.  Enjoy the clarity while it lasts then be ready when Mars stations retrograde on January 24 to begin pondering something related to your 10th house of career, status, reputation and public image.  The sign on this house for you is Virgo where Mars will be making an extended stay.  He usually transits an entire sign in about a month but due to being retrograde he will be in this sign until the 4th of July, giving you plenty of time to give due consideration to whatever is going on in this part of your life.  Mars is related to your energy and drive so once he starts doing the backstroke you may find you are not particularly motivated.  Meanwhile, Mars will be stirring up all sorts of things in your unconscious. 

Bear in mind that "status" as a keyword for this house if as broad as what you may enter in Facebook as your "status."  It is anything that may be found in the public record or newspaper or involve a title or label.  It includes being promoted or fired; married or divorced; elected or defeated; honored or sent to jail; becoming a parent for the first time or having your youngest leave home; obtaining any type of license of a civic nature and numerous other things other than your career or what you'll be remembered for.  If your ambitions need a new direction, this will be the focus of this cycle.

No consideration of a retrograde cycle is complete without considering the polar house as well.  This is because one of the most important moments is when the Sun opposes the retrograde planet, which will occur March 4.  This is when your unconscious and conscious mind can merge, providing an "Aha!" moment that reveals what you need to do to get the benefit from this transit.  At that time the Sun will be in Pisces, bringing that energy to bear on the opposition.  Fellow Mutable Sign, Pisces, is your 4th house of home environment, cultural roots and memories and the base of your sense of personal security and safety.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the correspondence between this and your career or status.  These two parts of your life are paramount and need to be kept in balance.  If your neglect your home in favor of your career or other status item this will cause discomfort and if things at home are not as stable and secure as you require it will affect how you handle your career or status.  Thus, when this opposition occurs you may find that your home situation has a very strong influence on any changes of direction you need to take with regard to career or status.

Another thing worth noting for those of you with birthdays right around December 6 is that the Lunar North Node is sitting on your Natal Sun.  The Nodes are very important as gateway which usually bring significant changes into your life.  Relationship changes are particularly likely.

The Full Moon on January 9 is in Cancer, your 8th house of transformations, debt, shared resources, sex, death and rebirth, and intense experiences.  The Full Moon represents a culmination, when the Moon is reflecting the maximum amount of light from the Sun, at least as far as we're concerned here on Earth.  At this time the Sun is in nextdoor sign, Capricorn, your 2nd house of income, possessions, finances, self-worth, needs and pleasures.  Thus, something in this area may reflect back from your core and result in a significant change.  Pluto in your 2nd house is already providing some probing energy for this part of your life.  Pay attention to what is going on there and how it is affecting you at a deep and meaningful level.

The New Moon on January 23 is in Aquarius, your 3rd house of thoughts, ideas, siblings, neighbors and local travel.  This is an excellent time to begin something new related to this part of your life.  However, given that the New Moon is at the apex of a T-square you may have a few things to sort through.  Your Sign Ruler, Jupiter, in opposing Saturn, which provides a few hints on what this may be.  Jupiter is in Taurus, your 6th house of work, health, service and pets which suggests expansion in this part of your life.  This is being held back, perhaps, by Saturn in Libra, your 11th house of goals, friends, groups, organizations and networking.  Saturn is exalted in Libra which will bring out his more positive manifestation with regard to discipline, responsibility and structure, making it easier to get this part of your life in order.  However, this may be in conflict with what you're trying to accomplish at work.  Indeed, this could even indicate that you are trying to push something forward at work but the powers that be or your coworkers generally, are holding you back.  These need to be brought into balance before you can even think about implementing that new idea, if that is what is going on in your 3rd. 

Neptune is also in your 3rd house, however, which may be able to provide the enlightenment you need to work things out.  Try meditating on the matter or at least not thinking so hard and trying to solve the entire matter alone.  Open yourself up to other possibilities and see how you can use them to accomplish what needs to be done to mediate that opposition.

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