Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd Signs are in opposition, which as a best case scenario, yield complementary traits.
Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th
What you like about each other:  Multiple interests and then some, lots to learn from each other, love for learning, travel, foreign cultures and excitement.  Neither is ever boring.

What drives you crazy:  No sense of direction, too much competition, too many interests, general ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) behavior, too philosophical.

Some opposing signs complement each other in more obvious ways than others. For example, if you look at Aries and Libra there aren't many similarities that come to mind. In fact, for those two, I'm not sure any come to mind, other than one is rather ego-centric and the other dependent on others to define their ego. Cancer and Capricorn have a few, like a dedication to family that would move mountains, and Leo and Aquarius share a certain quirky and colorful outlook that can bind two people together. Gemini and Sag, however, have so much in common it's impossible to name them all.

These two should definitely be compatible. It's possible to be too much alike, and for this couple it's a distinct possibility.  When like signs pair up the similarities are expected, but you simply wouldn't expect it with opposing. Opposing signs are always the same mode, in this case Mutable, which are much less likely to tangle than two Fixed who are set in different ways and opinions or two Cardinals who both want to be in charge. The Air/Fire elemental mix is also one of the more favorable.  Provided there isn't an excess, which in this case, is a possibility. Too much air can either blow a fire out or cause a magnificent explosion, but this is also not likely to be too much of a problem for these two. However, as a Fire sign, Sag does have a bit more ego, which needs to be stoked. Gemini, however, will not be impressed, which could become an issue, this domestic dose of humility a possible problem.

The mental stimulation of the 3rd House in concert with the philosophical leanings of the 9th blend like milk and chocolate syrup. Both subscribe to travel channels and love learning, though Sag goes beyond simple knowledge to the halls of academia, including ethics, politics and law.  Nonetheless, they are simply different shades of the same color.

In their case, the problem could be simply being too much alike.  Most people think that being with someone very similar to themselves would be terrific. You'd agree on everything, share the same interests, understand each others dreams, moods and aspirations, and generally make for that happily everafter concept in your favorite fairytale. Not so, mon ami.  When people are too much alike you run the risk of lacking certain modifying traits that make the partnership work. A bit of tension is required to keep something together. These two may be so busy chasing their multiple interests that they never get around to sitting down and identifying what their goals are as a couple.  Or paying their bills, for that matter.  As two mutable signs, there's not a clear sense of leadership, responsibility, or even a single opinion.  Without some Earth, practicality could be nonexistent. Hopefully, one or both of these two will cover these deficiencies with their Moon or Ascendants.

If stabilizing factors are not in place, this couple could wind up somewhere between dumpster diving for a living or attaining the Nobel Prize in medicine like a 21st century version of the Curies. They could achieve untold feats of an academic or scientific nature, their combined intellects brilliant in their pursuits. They might travel the world, performing humanitarian acts on par with Mother Theresa. At any rate, they will more than likely be very unconventional. Others would look at them and marvel at their accomplishments.

Whether they would do this their entire life to a ripe and satisfying old age is the question. Hot fires can burn out very quickly. I knew a couple many years ago who met in college and then went on to join the Peace Corps, with which they went to Africa and did all sorts of humanitarian deeds together to the betterment of society. They eventually came home, settled down, had a child or two and before you knew it, were divorced. With a start like that, what do you do for an encore?

No matter how you slice it, this couple will never be boring. If either or both have Yods in their charts, it is very likely they are going to accomplish something profound together. The real question will be whether or not they pay their utility bills on time. Not surprisingly one famous pair, i.e. Brad Pitt (Sag) and Angelina Jolie (Gemini), are this combination.  Go figure.

* * *

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