Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are sextile, which is typically compatible; Fire and Air generally mix quite nicely.
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th
What you like about each other:  Aries open and enthusiastic approach to life; Aquarian admirable party skills, basic values/ nonconformist complement, stimulating conversation; Aries appreciation for Aquarian unique qualities.

What drives you crazy:  Too opinionated/too open-minded, Ram too aggressive, Aquarian too "fixed"; Aquarian interest in good of society versus Aries warrior instincts to kill them all and let God sort them out.

Whatever this couple may be, you can bet they’ll never be dull. Rather, they’ll be anywhere from delightfully colorful to a thermo-nuclear blast. Remember what I said about Fire – Air combinations, and this one is probably going to run a little bit hot, like that 1980 Porsche I owned once. Anyway, if there is one thing that a Ram thrives on it’s adventure, and if there’s one thing you can count on with a Water Carrier, it’s that they’re unconventional, so there is actually a lot to work with here besides the simple fact that they’re one of those sextile relationships that seem to work out quite nicely.

As a Cardinal sign the Ram will definitely be in charge of this one, though actually being in control of an Aquarius is pretty unlikely. If there is one thing that Aries needs to know about our Water Boy or Girl, it's that they're a Fixed sign. As such, they're not going to change, so you’d better be pretty happy with them as-is because it’s one of those "what you see is what you get" situations. Do NOT, and I mean NOT think for a moment that you can change anything about this person, with the possible exception of hair color, and even that will need to be their own idea. If you like what you see, then you have possibly found yourself a real jewel. Otherwise it’s probably better that you move on now before the battles start.

Water Carriers are from another world and as such will be full of surprises, as you would expect from someone ruled by Uranus. They love to talk and they love to laugh and they love to tell stories. And if I know Aries, those are some of their favorite sports as well. There is just one thing that Aquarius needs to know about Aries. Your Ram is very independent and won't always enjoy being around friends as much as you do.  He/she isn't patient by nature, much less particularly tolerant, so the good of society as a whole isn't part of his/her world view.  Aquarians have the built-in ability to be non-judgmental and this is particularly important here.  Don't expect your Ram to want to change the world for good or join hands and sing Kumbaya any time soon.  Push or criticize your Ram and you won't like the result.  Tolerance on your part is the key. Without this active ingredient in your relationship, Aries may eventually push back or possibly even push out the door. But if each party in this relationship will just remember that one thing about the other (in two words change and independence) you should be able to do quite well together.

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