Sign Ruler Mode Elements House Aspect

Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are Sextile and thus generally compatible, as Fire and Air tend to be.
Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd
What you like about each other:  Energetic, ambition/promotion synergy, shared optimism, complementary interests, enthusiasm for learning new things, "follow the leader" will come naturally for Gemini.

What drives you crazy:  Ram temper tantrums, blatant aggression, interests based on physical as opposed to mental activity.  Twin unfinished projects, talking too much, changing mind and/or opinion too often, lack of focus.

There will be few if any dull moments for this couple.  Between the Aries affinity for action and need for excitement and Gemini's diverse interests and general ADHD personality, there will be something going on all the time.  They will probably tire everyone out around them and yet energize each other.  There is a high probability they will be very successful at something, if they can just focus long enough to figure out what it is.  Both are very innovative and their biggest challenge will be to find something that will hold their interest long enough to see it through.  Neither is overly patient by nature, but both are hard workers, so given a well-defined project they'll do well.

This is a good mix of Fire and Air and a Cardinal and Mutable sign.  Remember that Fire and Air can either be a nice, warm fire or an explosion.  In some cases, but not many, it could be a candle in the wind, but there aren't too many Aries that will relent to a Gemini, since they can talk as much as any Air sign I've ever known, albeit with a tad less logic.  If Gemini plays a properly supportive role, Aries will reach its potential.  As a Cardinal sign, Aries will naturally take the lead, though staying on target may be as difficult for the Ram as it is for the Twin.  They will probably have numerous fits and starts before they finally find the project that will bring them stardom, but when they finally set their mind on it, they'll do very well.  They will always have plenty to talk about and will both thrive on the steady pace of activity they'll create around them.

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