These two elements blend well.  Earth needs Water in order to be fruitful and Water can accomplish much more in a medium like Earth than by itself.  Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is driven largely by emotion and if they're struggling with a decision that involves both logical and emotional elements, they will side with what their intuition and hearts tell them to do regardless of the facts.  Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), on the other hand, will go with logic and what their heads tell them to do, even if their heart is screaming at them to do otherwise.  Thus, when in proper balance, these two can provide two sides of the issue and help arrive at the most appropriate solution.


Taurus - Cancer

Taurus - Scorpio

Taurus - Pisces

Virgo - Cancer

Virgo - Scorpio

Virgo - Pisces

Capricorn - Cancer

Capricorn - Scorpio

Capricorn - Pisces


At best, these two are like a Flower Garden, the Earth a proper balance of sand, clay and organic matter that can hold the appropriate amount of moisture to keep the plants healthy.  Anyone who has ever tended a garden knows that too much water can be as harmful as too little and needs to be balanced according to what you're trying to grow.  Thus, depending on what the decision is about, Earth or Water should perhaps give a bit more weight to the other.  For example, if the issue involves finances, it might be wise to allow Earth to prevail, while if it involves people or relationships an element of emotion is usually wise, which would be best handled by Water's sensitivity to others.   Worst case can result in a total Mudslide if Earth becomes too saturated with Water and loses it's grip on solid ground. 


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