A relationship between Water signs  (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is likely to get quite wet from time to time.  Both parties are driven by emotion and can be easily overwhelmed by them.  While most of the time they will appear as a Peaceful Lake with a few sailboats skimming along the water while fisherman enjoy the challenge of catching some fish, they need to be aware of the potential for a Tsunami in the event the two of them ever absolutely don't agree on something and totally lose control.  The depth of feeling between these individuals will be deep and they will go places that others cannot even conceive.  That fundamental understanding is a bonding agent in and of itself.  Furthermore, Water signs tend to be masters of emotional manipulation, which can turn into quite a tidal wave when each person tries to out-manipulate the other.

Cancer - Cancer

Cancer - Scorpio

Cancer - Pisces

Scorpio - Scorpio

Scorpio - Pisces

Pisces - Pisces

These folks need to realize that there are many things in the world that require a strong dose of logic.  It is also rather useful when opposing emotional arguments fail to reach resolution.  Thus, they should consciously strive to incorporate logical thought into their decisions.  It's not that this couple is incapable of being logical, only that when a decision arises that has both a logical and emotional element, they will go with the latter, i.e. their intuitive, heartfelt solution, over the facts.  This is not to say that most of their decisions aren't correct, but particularly in certain areas such as finance, logic should generally prevail.  Developing the ability to approach a problem from a logical, black and white perspective will help prevent either from getting lost on the sea of life or winding up as a massive wall of water that has few rivals as a destructive force. 

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