Astrocartography is a technique that examines how your Natal Chart changes when you move a significant distance from your place of birth.  While your date and time of birth remain the same instant in time, the location changes, relocating your Ascendant and other House cusps to a different position, perhaps influencing certain parts of your life in a  more positive way.   Of course this can work in reverse as well. 

Everyone would like to know if there is some magic place where they could live happily ever after.  They'd find their soulmate, secure their dream job, and live in the house and neighborhood they always dreamed of.  Of course there is no such ideal place, but moving can affect your "luck" and other factors that contribute to certain areas of your life.  While you can't change when you were born and the astrological sign position of the planets at that time, moving can bring more favorable circumstances your way.  Sound crazy?  Here's how it works. 

When you move to a new place, usually at least a hundred miles away and preferably in an east or west direction, your Natal Chart is "relocated" and calculated for how the sky appeared at your moment of birth from the new place.  If the distance is sufficient, your Ascendant will change as well as every other House cusp.  Remember that the influence of your Natal Chart comes from not only which planet is in which sign, but which House as well.  You can't change the planet or the sign, but you can change its House, which shifts its influence.  For example, if you want to move somewhere to find romance, it would be advantageous to have Venus in your 5th House of romance or 7th House of relationships.  If you want to maximize your learning experience when you go away to college, it would be beneficial to locate Jupiter in your 9th House of higher learning.  If you want to have strong and pleasant family relationships then the Moon or Venus in your 4th House would be helpful, though of course this wouldn't necessarily solve all your problems.

Many people have experienced the feeling that they needed to move somewhere else.  This may be because nothing is working out in a favorable way in their current location or simply an instinct or impression that they need to be somewhere else, a subtle message from their inner compass.  It is always a good idea to listen to these promptings.  If you don't know why you're being pushed by the Universe to make your home somewhere else, having your Natal Chart relocated may provide some hints.  If you're a person who believes that your life is unfolding according to a specific plan or that you have a mission in life to fulfill, it is even more important to pay attention.

When your Ascendant changes to another Sign it will have a subtle affect on your personality, similar to the way it evolves as reflected in your Progressed Chart.  You won't notice a dramatic difference, but you may find you're more outgoing or even more of a homebody than in your previous location.  Your personality determines a lot about your life, including how ambitious you are, how you present yourself to others, how you interact with others, how easily you make friends, and so forth.  Changes to these types of behavior can have an impact on other areas of your life in and of itself.  However, as all the Angles of your chart change, not just your Ascendant, different Sign energy is directed to them as well.  Of course you won't be able to get all twelve Houses located in exactly the right Sign to make all your dreams come true.  You'll have to prioritize what you want and make some compromises.

These effects will also be present if you travel somewhere for a limited time without changing your residence, perhaps for a vacation or business endeavor.  For example, if you're looking for romance you could always vacation in a locale favorable for this to happen, but it it takes you halfway around the world, your new found love may likewise live a prohibitive distance from the place you call home.  You are even less likely to notice any differences in your behavior during these jaunts since we all tend to wear a slightest different persona when traveling for pleasure as we set our everyday stresses and worries aside.  Same goes for business travel, where you likewise get away from your usual routine and escape some of those things that make your life hectic such as picking up your child on time from daycare or dealing with commuter traffic.

Another thing to bear in mind as well is the fact that you may have to move halfway around the world to achieve your objectives.  Putting Venus on your 7th House cusp may require moving to Bolivia.  Furthermore, placing one planet in a favorable house may put another somewhere that turns out to be less than enchanting, such as Pluto or Saturn in your 2nd House of finances and possessions, which would probably not have pleasant results. Nonetheless, it's something worth considering.  It's always interesting, educational, and transformational to experience a new location with different people, cultures and traditions.  Some planets or aspects in your Natal Chart can predispose you to moving around a bit, too.  For example, I have Jupiter in my 4th House of home environment and have lived in New York, California, Utah and Texas.  Jupiter in your 9th House would spur a lot of long-distance travel, but not necessarily as a change of residence, though relocations typically show up via planetary transits involving the 9th or its ruler. 

If you're seriously thinking about moving, obtaining an Astromap will provide some information about how you'll fare.  It may also be a good idea to obtain a relocated natal chart report for further information on its affect to your basic personality.  When it comes down to the actual decision of whether or not to move, you can also employ Horary Astrology to let you know if the change will be beneficial and meet your expectations.  At the very least, astrology can give you a general idea of what to expect and more options for finding what you want in life.

Astrologer, Elliot Tanzer, has written an excellent book on astrocartography entitled "Evaluating Astro-Carto-Graphy Maps: Find the Best Places to Live and Travel."  His website can be found at

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