A Gemini Moon will endow a person with an emotional makeup similar to a fox terrier.  They bark and jump around a lot, but the bulk of it is largely air.  This doesn't mean they won't bite, only that they'll distract easily and move on to something else once they get bored.  They're loyal, enthusiastic and generally optimistic.  While they can get depressed like anyone else, their natural demeanor doesn't show it.

As a Mutable Sign, change comes easily and emotions and feelings are no exception.  A person with a Gemini Moon can be caught in an emotional maelstrom that would make  Romeo and Juliet look like a comedy yet pack it all up and make a professional presentation to a boardroom full of humorless investors without batting an eye.  Air Signs employ logic in their feeling as well as thinking and have a remarkable ability to use reason to control their emotions when the necessity arises.  This does not mean to say that they don't have or acknowledge them.  Since they like to talk (and I mean talk), you are likely to get a very detailed description of how and what they feel, even though their demeanor and expression will be roughly the same as if they were describing the weather.

Oddly enough, Gemini Moon people often display more overt emotion over a sad song, movie or news story than their own life.  They'll react, sometimes strongly, to these stimuli, yet often display little visible emotion when dealing with a personal crisis.  They appear very unemotional and compared to others, especially Water Signs, they are.  They are likewise uncomfortable if someone has a meltdown or other dramatic display of emotion without substantial provocation.  This is not to say they don't feel anything, because they do, but it is an order of magnitude less intense that more emotional signs.  They have a remarkable ability to talk to themselves, reason things out and rationalize their reaction so as to control their response, at least visibly.  If someone is having an emotional crisis they're very likely to respond with a simple "Get over it."

These folks require a lot of intellectual stimulation and are likely to be most attracted to those that can provide it.  If they're with a partner who is more interested in smelling the flowers along the path of life they're likely to become bored and unless they can get sufficient mental orgasms elsewhere are very likely to move on to someone they find more interesting. 

The Gemini duality of personality applies as well.  They have multiple personas and it's often difficult for others to adjust to them.  You just never known whom you might be dealing with today, which can be very frustrating to just about anyone unless they have strong Gemini in their own chart and understand the concept.  We're not necessarily talking moods here, like you might see in a Cancer, but actual different personalities.  They are often most comfortable with two "different lives" whether they're defined by work or distance, i.e. traveling a lot for the job or a weekend home that defines an entirely different life style.

Someone with a natal Gemini Moon is going to be rather appalled by Sign changes in their Sun and Moon Signs relative to their Progressed Chart.  As they move through the Water signs in particular and find themselves in a sea of emotion they will be utterly astounded by the feelings that come upon them and wonder why they can't subrogate them with logic as they did before.  This will be particularly uncomfortable and the cause of much frustration as they realize that others actually cannot control their feelings as well as they thought they could.  Those progressing into a Gemini Moon, especially those who are natives to a Water Sign moon, will enjoy the sense of control they now have and their newfound ability to analyze situations more objectively which they hadn't enjoyed before.

* * *
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