Libra is the ruler of the Zodiacal 7th House which deals primarily with relationships.  Moon Sign placement deals with our emotions, so do the math on that one.  In other words, someone with a Libra Moon is NOT going to be a loner.  The need for a relationship will be very strong and without one the person will most likely feel lost.  However, since these folks tend to be very "nice", albeit charming, they usually don't have much trouble gathering a circle of friends, especially if the Moon is also their 11th House. (Remember that Libra is ruled by Venus.)

Libra is very understanding and has the innate ability to walk the proverbial mile in someone else's moccasins.  They listen well and always strive for balance and equality.  For those that want them to take sides this can be annoying because Libra is very likely to point out the other side of the story, whether they want to hear it or not.  Their sense of understanding can also make them indecisive since they want to be fair to everyone.   Nonetheless, they generally have a calming effect on others and are very handy to have around in an emergency.  As a Cardinal Sign they will take charge and do everything they can to make sure everyone is looked after.  They'll be first on the scene of a disaster to help out in any way that they can.

They are naturally more defined than most and have a great affinity for the fine arts.  They'll derive much emotional satisfaction from beauty in general, whether it's great literature, fine art, symphonic music, drama in it's various forms and so forth.  Without being in touch with some form of the more civilized elements of life they'll experience a void that relationships alone cannot satisfy.  If given a matter of minutes to escape a nuclear blast, flash flood, or tornado, after family members, these folks would grab their favorite painting, leaded crystal wine glasses or perhaps their first printing copy of Gone with the Wind

It was the Libras of the world who hauled their china and lace tablecloths across the Atlantic on the Mayflower or across the plains in a covered wagon, even if it meant leaving that extra barrel of flour behind.  Forgetting that everyone doesn't have the same sense of fairness that they do, they would naturally assume that surely their fellow travelers wouldn't let them starve or, at worst, they could barter one of their finer possessions for whatever they might need.  (This would possibly work if they found a Pisces with a well-stocked larder, but in many respects that's a contradiction of terms.)

For all their need for a relationship and ability to see all sides of a story their classic weakness is discussing their own feelings.  As an Air Sign they like to talk and they're generally pretty strong in the logic department, but when it comes to their own emotions it's another story.  I've never been able to entirely figure this out other than to postulate that in their supreme crusade for fairness they find it difficult to defend themselves because it entails taking sides.

Through the Houses, a Libra Moon is likely to provide exceptional balance to that particular venue.  For example, in the 1st House, their very nature will be fair and refined; in the 2nd House, their possessions will especially reflect exceptionally fine taste; in the 3rd, they will be very open-minded and non-judgmental.  If placed in the 4th House, they'll do all in their power to keep their home environment as harmonious as possible and will also make regular use of those lace tablecloths and fine china.  In the 5th, they'll be very romantic and perhaps creative in one of the fine arts.  If found in the 6th House, they'll be the resident peacemaker in the workplace and in the 7th their entire existence is going to thrive or wilt based on the status of their relationships.  In the 8th, which governs intimate relationships and shared resources, they may have a tendency to let others take advantage of them.  A placement in the 9th House will predispose them to a love of foreign travel and cultures and in the 10th could motivate a career as a diplomat of some variety.  As noted earlier, in the 11th they'll have a wide circle of friends in which they'll be the resident mediator and in the 12th, they're likely to be deeply moved at a spiritual level by beauty of just about any variety, whether it's a beautiful sunset or simply listening to Beethoven's 5th.

When someone's Progressed Moon enters Libra, there will be a noticeable softening of the personality as the Virgo Moon fades into the cosmos.  The criticism will fade away with the ability to listen and desire to be fair usually a welcome change.  There will be substantially less nervousness and a much calmer demeanor.  This is a progression to look forward to with relief as opposed to others where all you can do is be grateful that a progressed Moon Sign usually only lasts from 2 to 2 1/2 years.

* * *

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