Everyone seems to be naturally drawn in astrology.  Surveys have shown that the first thing people turn to in the newspaper is their horoscope, yet they might not admit to believing that it has any credence.  The fun part of astrological research is demonstrating that it works.  True, we can't always predict events with 100% accuracy because the planets, signs, and houses have multiple meanings and interpretations.  However, somewhat like the book, The Bible Code, noted years ago, once you know what you're looking for, it's inevitably there.

As someone with a science degree, I've always enjoyed research of all kinds.  Astrological research is something I think is fun.  While I originally planned to add to this page, as it turned out most of my research wound up in the blog section.  Much of what I've done is of a personal nature, which has shown me astrologically why some years of my life truly sucked. I thought that God and the entire Universe were against me, but it turned out it was only Pluto and Saturn transiting my 2nd House. Some of the comments I found in my journals at that time were the epitome of such a transit. Thirty years later they're tremendously amusing; they definitely were NOT at the time. I'm also fascinated with geopolitical and mundane astrology. Some of the research I've done in those areas are also in the blog section.

Numerous professional astrologers are engaged in astrological research. The Kepler Conference planned for 2017 will specifically address research by many of these professionals, such as David Cochrane (astrologer and programmer of the astrological software I use, i.e. Sirius), Courtney Roberts (who is spear-heading the conference), and numerous others. These are highly educated individuals who typically have a college degree in a technical field. While most of us have anecdotal evidence that astrology works, these folks are out to prove it using the scientific method. So many fields of study these days are weirder than astrology, which implies this ancient art may finally receive the credibility and respect it deserves.

All that aside, if you're having difficult times, think about having an astrological reading. It does wonders to know that you're not being punished or picked on, just going through some lessons that the Universe has on its agenda for you to learn.  Think about it.

Meanwhile, here's an article I wrote relative to how astrological transits affected some interesting events.  Bear in mind they're written for fellow astrologers so have a fair amount of "astrologese" in them, but you should be able to get the general idea regardless. 


Astrological Influences in Effect at the Time of the Three Major NASA Accidents (Available as an e-Book)

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