Let's Get Personal

The term "personal planet" or "personalized planet" is often confusing.  How do you get personal with a planet, anyway?  Actually, it's more like they get personal with you.  Simply put, your planets are those that are most applicable to your Natal, Progressed, Solar Return or other specific charts.  The Sun and Moon belong to everyone and are thus always personalized.  Other planets that have particular meaning to you would be the planetary rulers of your Ascendant (also considered the chart ruler), the ruler of your Sun Sign, and the ruler of your Moon Sign. 

These "personalized" planets will have a stronger influence on you than the others.  Thus, when looking at any of your chart aspects as well as transits/horoscopes you should concentrate on the influences that involve "your" planets. 

For example, if your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Gemini or Virgo, which are ruled by Mercury, you would feel Mercury's retrograde periods on a more personal level than everyone else who will simply be inconvenienced by the global influences such as all the breakdowns in communications, appliances, etc.  These individuals would probably have numerous difficulties getting people to understand what they're trying to say, have a hard time concentrating or not be able to grasp ideas and situations as easily as usual.  In other words, if Mercury is one of your personal planets you should make every effort to avoid mental challenges such as entrance exams or professional certification testing when it's retrograde.

If you've ever had a personal horoscope done, such as those available in our reports section, there may be days where you have seemingly conflicting influences.  For example, you could have a Mars Square Venus that would indicate conflicts in male-female relationships while at the same time have Neptune Trine Venus which would tend to make you feel more dreamy and romantic than usual.  (If you have an exceptionally dysfunctional relationship this could actually work, but I digress.) 

If Mars is one of your personal planets, the inclination to be irritable or combative would probably overrule the other.  (Since this indicates an Aries Ascendant, Sun or Moon you're probably that way most the time anyway.)  If Venus were personalized, you'd most likely feel amorous but might find your significant other less than cooperative and possibly argumentative (especially if they've got heavy Aries influences.)  If Neptune were personalized, you'd be more inclined toward daydreaming or fantasizing and probably wouldn't be interested in any serious conversations, which could be particularly annoying to those around you.  (Neptune personalized means heavy Pisces influences so this is likewise somewhat typical.)

Of course House placements will also drive the area of your life where the influences show up, i.e.,  your work interactions (6th House) could be a wreck while your personal relationships (7th House) are going well or vice versa. Any planet transiting your Ascendant or other angles on your Chart will be felt, but even more so if personalized.