The Sun and Moon are referred to as luminaries since they cast light.  Thus, when they are aspecting a planet they will shed light on them and highlight the planets' influence.  While the Moon is associated with emotion, most astrologers believe that the Sun has no specific influence of its own.  The effect of the Sun is manifested by its presence in a given Sign, the personality of which is covered by the Sun Sign section where you can find an overview of all the Signs and links to individual descriptions for each.  The Sun rules Leo but is influential for all. 

As the Sun travels through the Zodiac it will highlight/trigger events related to that particular House and you can expect extra activity in that area.  If look back on major events in your life you'll find that more often than not this is the case.  For example, if you took a long trip it's very likely the Sun was in your 9th House, or possible a New or Full Moon occurred there.  If you got a new job or had surgery, most likely it was in your 6th House; redecorating your home, in your 4th House; started a new relationship, in your 7th House, etc. 

When the Sun returns to the exact position it was at when you were born, this is called the Solar Return.  A Chart cast at this moment indicates areas of focus for the following year, with a few months overlap at the beginning and end as one year fades into the next.  See our Reports section if you're interested in learning what this year holds for you.

Do you know the planets in order from the Sun?