June Horoscope

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Gemini (May 22- June 21) - Your ruling planet, Mercury will leave your Natural First House on the 3rd, so if you've been putting off some form of communication, I'd take care of it before then and take advantage of that extra boost while it lasts.  Be aware, however, that it's opposite Pluto which could bring something to light regarding a relationship.  For those with birthdays in the middle of the month, Pluto is opposite your Natal Sun which will trigger some deep introspection.  This will include picking up some old, abandoned baggage that you probably won't particularly enjoy, but we all need to do some housecleaning once in a while.  Venus is headed your way and will get there on the 24th and stay until July 19.  Venus is a nice visitor to have transiting your sign.  It will help you feel pretty good about yourself and even enhance your appearance and natural charm.  Jupiter is retrograde in your 6th House which could mean expanding opportunities are on the way at work.  Uranus is squaring your Natal Sun if you were born the first week of June, which could bring about some change or unexpected event that may not have a particularly positive influence on your reputation.  Those born between June 7-12 will enjoy some inspiration from Neptune that may make you want to plan a long trip or go back to school.  If you have any legal matters to attend to it could also help you come up with a new approach.  The Full Moon on the 11th will give it some added punch that could indicate an ending or change of some sort, most likely positive. 

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) - Mercury will be transiting your sign most of the month which should enhance your ability to communicate, particularly issues of a personal nature.  Jupiter is trining your Natal Sun if you were born the last few days of June or first few days of July, which should bring something good your way, perhaps with respect to your creative efforts, which include your offspring.  Uranus is trining your Sun for those born the first week of July which should bring some positive change or surprise your way, if it hasn't already.  The Full Moon on June 11 is in neighboring Gemini which could possible throw some light on something that's been stirring around in your subconscious.  The New Moon on the 25th is in your sign and will be felt the most by Cancers born the last week of June.  Expect a new beginning of some sort in your personal life.  Generally this should be a relatively quiet month for you since the planets are not making any major aspects to your Natal Sun.  Enjoy it while it lasts since we al know what goes around comes around.

Leo (July 23 - August 23) - Mars will be in your sign from June 4 until July 22, which will give you a little extra energy boost.  This will help counteract some of that Saturn influence which has been putting the damper on your usual leonine fire for quite a while now.  This may not be a bad thing in some ways since it might make you a bit more diligent about things like balancing your checkbook or finally deciding to look for a better job.  It can be a bit depressing, though, so if you wonder what's wrong with you then feel free to blame Saturn.  Jupiter is retrograde over there in your natural 4th House of home environment and since it's squaring Saturn, you're likely to be seeing some increase in responsibilities of one sort or another, but not necessarily bad.  Your family could be growing, you might be adding on or remodeling your home or any number of things.  The Full Moon on the 11th is in your natural 5th house of creative endeavors and trine your Natal Sun if you're born around August 8-12.  This could see the completion of a project of some sort, perhaps even as it relates to raising children, for example you may have someone graduating from high school or college.  The New Moon on the 25th is in neighboring sign, Cancer, and your natural 12th House, which could make you a little more introspective than usual that day. 

Virgo (August 24 - September 22) - None of the planets are transiting Virgo other than the Moon who will pay a short visit from June 30 - July 2.  Jupiter is giving you the eye from Scorpio, particularly those born right around the end of August and first few days of September.  Considering this will be forming a nice little sextile pattern with your Natal Sun and the transiting Sun this could bring you a little bit of luck, even if it's no more than a bright idea of some sort, perhaps pertaining to your recreational or professional life.  There could be some shakeup with your job for those same folks, but hopefully that small stroke of luck will be sufficient to keep it at bay.  Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in favorable aspect this month, also, so your natural charm and wit will be enhanced and likewise available to help you through any rough spots. The Full Moon on the 11th may see some sort of upset relative to your home environment for those born around the middle of September so don't be surprised if your air conditioner goes out during a heat wave or something equally charming.  As anal as Virgos tend to be about taking care of things, nothing lasts forever so don't berate yourself too much when it does.  It's never easy to plan for every possible contingency.  That New Moon on the 25th could usher in new social opportunities for those born the last week of August so keep your eyes open.

Libra (September 23 - October 23) - Other than the Moon from June 5-7 there are no planets transiting your sign.  Depending on when you were born, Saturn or Mars may throw a sextile in your direction that could affect your group interactions with either an opportunity for advancement or some extra energy and enthusiasm, respectively.  The Sun enters fellow Cardinal Sign, Cancer, on June 22, which means at sometime while it's there the transiting Sun will square you Natal Sun.  This will only last for a short time, but for a few days before, during and after the same numbered day as your birthday (i.e., if you were born September 25 expect it to peak June 25) expect some sort of confrontation or challenge, most likely related to your reputation or community standing.  This will be further strengthened by the New Moon on the 25th so be prepared.  Mercury is also in Cancer most of the month and will likewise square your Sun and cause a day or two of bad communications somewhere along the line.  The good news is that your ruling planet, Venus, is going to trine your Sun sometime in either June or July, depending on your birth date, and this should throw something rather nice in your direction whether it's a pleasant break away from it all or other kudos of some sort.  Neptune will probably throw some inspiration your way if you were born around October 9-13 so tune into your instincts and listen carefully for creative ideas.    Uranus is transiting your 6th House which could cause some surprises at work or relative to your health so be prepared.  If there is anything brewing in either of those areas you should be aware of it.  The Full Moon on the 11th could throw a brilliant thought or two your way or a stroke of luck in the travel or higher education areas. 

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) - Jupiter is still transiting your sign and will be there until November so enjoy it while it lasts.  Jupiter is a benefic planets and as it conjoins your Natal Sun you should experience some fairly decent luck.  I'm not saying to spend your life savings on lotto tickets, but depending on your personal Natal Chart House placement you can expect some good things to happen in that area of your life.  Currently, if your birthday is between October 31 - November 3 you should be seeing it somewhere.  Exploit it wherever you can because some of the other planets aren't quite as friendly these days.  Specifically, Saturn in fellow Fixed Sign, Leo, will be causing some problems with authority figures for these same folks.  Mars will probably start some crap starting around the 4th for those born around October 24 and by the end of June will have affected those with birthdays through November 8.  Those with birthdays after that will get to deal with it in July sometime.  Your ruling planet, Pluto, is plodding thru Sagittarius and will be there for a long time.  For Scorpions, this is your 2nd natural House of possessions so if you're experiencing unexplained problems with anything from your body to your car or computer or anything else you can blame the god of the underworld.  The Full Moon on the 11th might give this a bit of extra punch so brace yourselves.  Neptune could be causing some delusions here and there so make sure you're in touch with reality, particularly if dealing with issues at home.  Uranus is in your natural 5th House of creativity, children, etc. and could be providing an innovative idea or two or possibly surprises, but they should generally be good.  Nonetheless, the Sun is in fellow Water Sign, Cancer, and this throws a trine to your Natal Sun at some point and you can expect that to be good, most likely around the same numbered day as your birthday.  The New Moon in Cancer on the 25th will be good for October Scorpios and could even possible bring a small windfall.  Obviously there is a lot going on for Scorpios this month.  It is probably confusing when there are aspects that mean good and bad luck respectively on the same days.  The aspects with the most punch will be those involving your Personal Planets and the area of influence will depend partly on which natural Houses are involved for Scorpios generally or which Houses are affected on your personal Natal Chart.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) - Those born around the 16th of December, give or take a day or two, have had Pluto conjoining their Natal Sun for a while.  This is generally not a good thing.  In fact, if you ask anyone who's been there they'll tell you it downright sucks.  As the god of the underworld one of the things that Pluto does best is unearth all sorts of nasty stuff, kind of like digging up a graveyard, bringing all sorts of ugliness to the surface that you'd really rather not deal with.  If you've ever done anything you don't want others to know about, brace yourself because it's likely to appear somewhere from Fox News to MySpace.com for the entire world to see.  This is especially true if your Natal Sun is in your 1st House or, heaven forbid, on your Ascendant.  In other Houses the trouble will be somewhat focused on that particular area of your life, whether it's your home environment (4th House), relationships (7th House), group interactions (11th House) or what have you.  Don't feel totally picked on, however, even though it's somewhat justified, because plenty of other signs are feeling it, too, especially if it's on their Ascendant or one of the angles.  All I can say is the quicker you dispense with the denial and deal with the issues, no matter how painful, the sooner you'll get past it.  Planets will bring your attention to issues but once they're taken care of the influence will fade.  Uranus is squaring the Sun for those born around December 7, give or take a day or two, which is likely to bring some surprises.  This is likely to have something to do with your home environment, e.g. your air conditioner going out on the hottest day of the year or your car blowing some key component the day you're supposed to leave on a road trip.  So plan for the unexpected and don't be too surprised when it happens.  The good news is that Mars is throwing a trine your way from Leo which should give Archers a little extra energy and grace to deal with all that other crap.  The trine to Saturn not the greatest aspect around, but it's definitely better than a square or opposition.  This could give you a career boost or support from those in positions of authority, which can't hurt.  The Full Moon on the 11th is in your sign and may give you a bit of insight into how you view the world.  The New Moon on the 25th could relate to your credit in someway.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) - There are currently no planets transiting Capricorn other than the Moon from the 12th - 14th.  Uranus is Pisces might be giving you some innovative ideas, especially for Cappies born around January 5, give or take a day or two.  Your ruling planet, Saturn, is in Leo, Capricorn's natural 8th House, which could do just about anything from causing delays in such issues as home loans or business endeavors to defending your rights to an inheritance to a pretty dull sex life (I kid you not).  Mercury is in Cancer most of the month, which could cause some communication problems of one kind or another in the relationship area.  Once the Sun goes into Cancer on June 22 Cappies enter their Solar Opposition period.  This is usually a time when you should be particularly careful since accidents seem very likely at this time.  This would be even more likely if that Full Moon on the 11th or New Moon on the 25th aspects your Natal Chart in a negative way.  Thus, June is not a particularly good month for you, so be careful and vigilant, which Cappies usually are.  For what little it's worth, it could be a lot worse.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) - Neptune is chugging through your sign, strengthening your intuition and providing a bit of dreamy idealism to your generally open mind.  This will be especially strong for those born around February 8, give or take a few days.  Venus is in its home sign, Taurus, until June 23, which could possible cause some minor problems in your home environment, but most likely nothing serious since Venus is generally pretty benefic.  It has a dark side, but that usually surfaces as a tendency toward overindulgence, so if you're fixing up your home or shopping for a new one, make sure you don't overextend yourself.  Jupiter is in fellow Fixed Sign, Scorpio, and could cause a few problems for those born around the first part of February.  Jupiter is also generally good, but it could possibly compound another lingering issue relating to your reputation or career issues of some sort.  It's retrograde, meaning that it's more a time to plan and consider your future actions than see results.  Mars is transiting your polar sign, Leo, most of the month and the better part of July.  This could incline Water Bearers to be a bit more aggressive than usual in your personal relationships so make an effort to chill out so you don't cause trouble you'll have to fix later.  Saturn is also in Leo which could be adding some weight to your responsibilities, introducing delays or casting grey across how you view the people in your life.  This will be particularly noticeable to those born between January 28-31.  Keep your work and play in the proper perspective and concentrate on achieving a healthy balance.  The Full Moon on the 11th will be in your Natural 11th House of group interactions and be felt most strongly by Water Bearers born February 6 - 12.  Expect some pleasant experiences with friends or coworkers.  The New Moon on the 25th will be in your Natural 6th House and may produce some challenges at work.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) -  Uranus is dead-center in Pisces and doesn't move very fast so will be there for quite a while.  This is the planet of surprises and unexpected events so guess what?  Fish are going to have one crazy thing after another going on for some time to come.  Those born within a day or so of March 5 will see the most dramatic effects.  Venus will be in your Nature 3rd House until the 23rd which will probably make you more inclined than usual to listen to music, visit a museum or even enjoy nature more than usual. That Gemini Sun will square the Natal Suns sometime during the month for Fish born after approximately February 27.  Expect some opposition, possibly in your home environment, that may keep you from accomplishing your goals.  Mars and Saturn are messing with Fish's Natural 6th House which could result in some problems or delays in the workplace.  Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in your Natural 12th House, which could cause some serious introspection, daydreaming or even delusions if you don't make an effort to keep in touch with reality.  Pluto is retrograde and largely stuck over there in Sagittarius, which could cause more trouble relative to past deeds and your reputation.  This is particularly applicable to Fish born on or around March 15.  The Full Moon on the 11th is in fellow Mutable Sign, Sagittarius.  This could deliver some social interactions of a problem nature to those born within a few days of March 20.  The New Moon on the 25th in fellow Water Sign, Cancer, will start a new phase of interaction with your children or lend another emotional dimension to your creativity for Fish born in February.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) - There are no planets transiting Aries this month except for the Moon June 19 - 20.  The Sun moves into fellow Cardinal Sign, Cancer, on the 22nd, which will square the Natal Sun this month for Rams born in March and the first few days of April.  Look for conflicts or obstacles in your way on the same day of the month that corresponds with your birthday.  Rams born after that will have to deal with the same thing in July.  Expect the New Moon on the 25th to give it even more punch, especially if your birthday is within a day or so one way or the other of March 24.  Fellow Fire Sign, Leo, is housing two planets this month with Mercury arriving the last day of June.  Your ruler, Mars, is among them and should give Rams born in March or before April 8 or so a nice burst of Arian energy at sometime or another during the month.  Saturn is seldom friendly but with a trine aspect will hopefully only make you a bit more serious than usual about matters pertaining to your Natural 5th House, i.e. your creative endeavors, including your children.  Neptune in Aquarius could make you a bit too idealistic in dealing with your friends and coworkers, especially if your birthday is around April 6 - 10.  Pluto is retrograde in your Natural 9th House which makes it a good time to plan future travel, legal or higher educational pursuits, particular for Rams born around April 15.  The Full Moon on the 11th will give it a little extra punch. Jupiter is retrograde in your Natural 8th House, making it a good time to plan and reassess your credit needs, estate planning and so forth. 

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) - Venus, your ruling planet, will be in your sign until the 24th.  This will accentuate your Taurean traits, both positive and negative.  Be careful not to overindulge in too much good food and drink, make sure you're not being stubborn just because it's fun and don't be so tight with your money that you squeak.  Fellow Fixed Sign, Leo, may stir things up a bit on the homefront between Mars throwing a bit of extra aggression your way and Saturn trying your patience with delays, extra work and perhaps a clash with authority figures of some sort.  There may be some surprises or unexpected events associated with your circle of friends or coworkers courtesy of UranusNeptune could be causing a few delusions regarding your community standing, especially for Bulls born around May 6 - 10.  Jupiter is somewhat stuck in your polar sign, Scorpio,  and if you were born around the last few days of April you could see some issues relative to your personal relationships blown a bit out of proportion.  The Full Moon on the 11th may stir things up a bit at work so be prepared to lay low if you were born May 7 - 15.  The New Moon on the 25th in Cancer, your Natural 3rd House, may bring you some useful ideas that will even surprise you.  Put that classic Bull perseverance to work and make it so.

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