We have such a wide variety of reports that it's overwhelming to see them all.  In order to help you find what you're looking for, here they are by category.  If you can't find what you want, please contact us.  Chances are good that we can deliver anything you're looking for and, if not, we'll refer you to someone who can.  When you find the report you want, click on your selection and it will take you to a complete description on the ordering page where you can add it to your shopping cart. 

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Packages and Special Deals

Whobeda Buddy Annual Membership (A full year's worth of astrological advice)

Birthday Package (Where you are and where you're going)

Comprehensive Astro-Profile (A wealth of astrological insights)

Sweetheart Package (All about the two of you)

Know Thyself Package (Digging a little deeper into your psyche)

Who am I?

Natal Chart Interpretation (Personal profile of how the planets influence your personality)

Karmic Insights Report NEW!!!! (What have you brought with you from your last lifetime?)

Major Life Themes (Where should you be focusing your efforts?)

Numerology Report (How your name adds up)

Personality Scores (What are your strong points?)

Naughty Natal Report (Your sex life defined)

Hidden Messages (Relationship with your parents)

My Lucky Stars (Which stars influence your life and how)

Asteroids Report (Details about you that will astound you)

Fixed Star Report (Which stars have special meaning for your soul's journey and mission)

Personalized Daily Horoscopes

Personal Horoscope (This one's for only you, based on your birth date)

Astro-Journey Horoscope (Especially for teenagers and young adults)

Business Forecast (Timing successful business transactions)

Astrosignature Forecast Graph (When's the best time for a specific activity?) 

What's going on in my life now?

Lunar Return Report (Emotional landscape for the next month)

Secondary Progressed Chart Interpretation (How your personality evolves with time)

Solar Return Report (What to expect in the coming year)

Saturn's Promise (Ever wonder about those 7 year cycles?  Especially relevant for those around 14, 21, 29 or 58 years old)

Intuitive Reading by Zahra  (Is something bothering you?  Zahra, an empathic intuitive, can provide insight and guidance)

How well do we get along?

Compatibility Report (For couples or individuals in any type of relationship)

Compatibility Scores (For couples or individuals in any type of relationship)

Composite Chart and Report (Does your relationship have a special purpose?)

Sweetheart Package (All about the two of you)

Family Dynamics Package (How does everyone get along?)

The Right Place at the Right Time

Astro-Locality Report

Astro-Maps  (Love & Romance; Vocation & Career; Friendship & Family; Imagination & Inspiration; Excitement & Instability; Friendship and Family (Detailed); Education & Community; Culture & Creativity; Optimism & Opportunity; Responsibility & Focus)


by Whobeda

Lilith: Dark Maid of the Sith (Same text in e-book format as found here plus bonus information not found on website)

Asteroid Archetypes:  A Primer (Same text in e-book format as found here for Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, and Vesta)

Astrological Aspects in Effect During NASA Accidents (Same text in e-book format as found here)

Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports (Describes what to expect from computerized astrological reports including examples)

Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology (Includes most astrological information found on this website in convenient e-book format)

Astrology's Basics: Examining the Chart's Structure  (Textbook used for IAA class of same name co-authored with Ena Stanley)

Professional Astrological Readings

by Whobeda

Horary Readings (What burning question do you want answered?  Love?  Job?  House Sale?)

Transit Analysis (Overview of what the planets are up to in your world for the next three months)

Electional Astrology  (Choose the best time for an important event e.g. wedding or to sign an important contract)

Custom Readings  (email whobeda@valkyrieastrology.com for rates on other readings such as custom solar and planet returns, etc.)

Psychic Readings by Zahra  (Psychic reading via Skype with empathic/intuitive)

Natal Readings

Sun, Moon, and Planets (Classic astrological interpretation of the Sun, Moon and Planets in your natal chart)

Love Nature (What attracts you, turns you on, your expectations and needs)

Career  (What type of work and career you are best suited for)

Single Event Transit Reading (Find out what was going on astrologically when something significant happened in your life.)

Lunation Reading (Find out how that New Moon, Full Moon or eclipse will affect you.)

Lilith (Intense, female energy which can be a tremendous driver or if afflicted self-destructive)

Get to Know Your Child (Understand your child's true nature and how to nurture his or her unique gifts)

Gifts, etc.

Hardcopy Option

Gift Certificates

Art Wheels

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