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Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th Aspect can range from Conjunction to semi-sextile range (29o) depending on location of each Sun within the sign.  However, being in the same sign there will be strong similarities regardless.
Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th
What you like about each other:  Intelligence, multiple interests, philosophical discussions, dry wit, visiting foreign countries or learning about other cultures, political activism.

What drives you crazy:  Unfinished projects, lack of personal attention, too much talk and not enough do, instability, lack of attention to detail in everyday matters.

It is very likely that these two will have a lot of fun together.  They will share common interests galore, or hopefully they'll be common, because with all the pursuits that most Sags manage to accumulate, if some of them don't overlap there will be problems.  Probably an ideal place for these two to meet would be in college, with both of them studying the same major.  With that basis, they could truly have an interesting and dynamic relationship that would assure they keep on the same page.  If they have different much less divergent interests, the long term prognosis isn't very good.

Two Fire signs inevitably feel somewhat neglected from time to time.  They need their egos fed, the more frequently the better, and since they both also tend to be a bit (or maybe a lot) self-absorbed, there's a real risk here that they won't give their partner enough attention.  However, if they do share common interests and perhaps even work together, they can probably keep each other fired up by sharing information they both enjoy.  If travel is involved, all the better, likewise research.  Their enthusiasm and drive, coupled with Jupiter as a ruling planet, make the possibilities nearly boundless.  Think of these two archers on a hunting expedition.  If they go off in two different directions, the chances of finding their quarry diminishes.  They're also likely to shoot each other in the process.  However, if they team up and are both shooting in the same direction, their chances for success are greatly increased.

This would be a very colorful, exciting couple who would have lots of friends and involvement in numerous social circles.  Sag resides in the natural 9th House of long distance travel, legal matters and higher education.  A relationship or composite chart for these two is going to show very heavy inclinations toward pursuits in this area for one or both of them.  I can see a pair enjoying and even competing in academia together or even partners in their own law firm.  If will definitely never be dull, a fate that no Archer could tolerate.  Boredom to a Sag is a fate worse than death.

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