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Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Being in the same sign there will be strong similarities.  Being a lot alike will be both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.
Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st
What you like about each other:  Energy, honesty, enthusiasm, spontaneity, participating in sports and hobbies together, particularly outdoors.

What drives you crazy:  Not enough focused attention of a personal nature, poor listening skills, feeling as if you're being taken for granted.

A pair of Rams (or should that be a Ram and his Ewe?) is quite a sight to behold.  They'll instantly recognize the fresh outlook, energy, honesty and enthusiasm in each other, like seeing a flame in a mirror.  If they've been surrounded by people with a negative or quiet demeanor for any length of time, finding another Arian will be like discovering the Mother Lode.  They will more than likely enjoy outdoor activities together, like hiking, jogging, and tennis, or just about anything that lets them burn some of that Mars energy.  Restraint or caution is not likely to be found in the relationship.  However, this can cut both ways, like the sword usually included in Aries icons.  As a Cardinal sign, both will intuitively want to be in charge and neither will be inclined to ask permission.  As long as they're headed in the same direction with common goals, everything will be fine, but if they find themselves going the opposite way, they could wind up a significant distance apart before realizing they have a serious problem.

Remember that both these people have a temper and no matter how much in love they may be, at some point they will get mad at each other and butt heads.  That's just what Rams do.  As long as they fight fairly, after a fiery blowup they will more than likely kiss and make up.  However, if one doesn't fight fairly and is cruel or unfair, the other is going to remember it forever and resent it.  If one is more submissive than the other due to something like a Pisces Moon or Libra Ascendant, then there is the risk that he or she will turn into a mere sheep.  In this case, the more dominant Ram will probably wonder what happened to the companion he originally met who used to romp through the meadows with careless abandon.  Nonetheless, being on top of that bluff is exhilarating and the Ram may not even notice for a while that he's now alone.

There is also the danger that they may become too competitive with one another. Arians like the spotlight and don't necessarily want to share it, even with their lover or spouse.  If they find themselves getting annoyed with the other's successes and feel left out, it's likely to cause a rift and the slighted Ram will more than likely find some outlet independent of the other to find the attention all Fire signs require.  A classic albeit negative example of two Rams with which you may be familiar are Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. 

On a more positive note, in the Aries description linked above I already mentioned the Aries-Aries neighbors that I had.  There was definitely never a dull moment in that household.  They never appeared to think or plan, but managed to run a successful albeit slightly messy home and maintain a good partnership.  Each had interests of their own in addition to their common ones, which were primarily family activities.  They maintained good balance between them and there was no question they were on equal ground.  Or perhaps, more accurately, that ground was a bit higher than most the population, giving them a vantage point to gaze at each other from their respective mountains while their collective lambs romped below.

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