July 2020 Astrocast

FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE: 4/5 July 2020, 13:38 Capricorn

NEW MOON: 20 July 2020, 28:27 Cancer


Retrograde Planets: 


Neptune (20:58 Pisces - 18:09 Pisces) 22 June - 29 November 2020

(Shadow until 20 March 2021)

Mercury (14:46 Cancer - 5:29 Cancer) 17 June - 12 July 2020

(Shadow until 26 July 2020)

Jupiter (27:14 - 17:24 Capricorn) 14 May - 13 September 2020

(Shadow until 6 December 2020)

Venus (21:50 - 05:22 Gemini) 13 May - 24 June 2020

(Shadow until 29 July 2020)

Saturn (01:57 Aquarius - 25:20 Capricorn) 10 May - 29 September 2020

(Shadow until 3 January 2021)

Pluto (25:00 - 22:29 Capricorn) 25 April -3 October 2020

(Shadow until 26 January 2021)

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(Ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase)
(Brings something new into your life)
Date: 4/5 July 2020 Date: 20 July 2020
Position: 13:38 Capricorn (Strongest influence for those born ~5 July) Position: 28:27 Cancer (Strongest influence for those born ~21 July)
Natural House: 7th Natural House: 1st
7th House influences focus on relationships including your significant other, close friends and relatives, business partners, business professionals, cliental, competitors and open enemies, which is where you're likely to see a culmination or shift to a new phase.  Someone may exit from your life or a relationship shift to a new phase or intensity. Issues involving someone who occupies this zodiacal house may come to a head as well, making it a cosmically favorable time to address such things. Influences of the 1st house include just about anything that affects you personally since this is the house of your personality and how others see you (or how you "dawn" on people), suggesting they may see you in a new way. This is a time when you might be inclined to show a different side of yourself than those around you expect. Self-actualization is emphasized, identifying who you really are and what you want out of life. This can be the ultimate "new start." If it's your birthday month, remember it's time for your solar return, the chart of which indicates some of what you can expect in the year ahead. 

The Full Moon on 4/5 July is another lunar eclipse. It's not unheard of to have three eclipses (two lunar and one solar) in a given eclipse season, but it's not the norm, either. As you recall last month the solar eclipse occurred on the solstice, which gave it extra punch. The year is now half over and if there's anything the remainder of 2020 doesn't need, it's extra punch. Yet here we are, and left with no choice but to deal with it the best we can. It's never a good year when the door to what you'd hoped and planned for is slammed in your face. If misery loves company, then at least we are not alone. As you can probably tell, I'm not going to blow smoke up your butt regarding what's going on out there. If anything, you need to take a deep breath, preferably in a place where you can safely remove your mask, and brace yourself. If you haven't already gotten the hint that it's a good idea to have an adequate supply of toilet paper on hand along with various other necessities, then consider this your wakeup call. And for any of you out there who are happy as clams (which probably lack a brain, if I'm not mistaken) I'd like to point out that anyone who isn't a little depressed and concerned about the world right now is obviously not paying attention.

As you've probably heard numerous times, a lunar eclipse is also called a Blood Moon. That alone tells you that even the ancients viewed eclipses with a great deal of trepidation. Even though astronomy tells us the mechanism of what causes them, the astrological implications are another story. Those who have fallen prey to the disinformation promoted since the enlightenment think they are nothing other than a celestial event involving the Sun, Earth and Moon. If you're reading this, then you already know that they are full of excrement of the bovine variety. So let's take a look at what the energy of this one is saying.

The eclipse occurs in Capricorn, which is where much of today's misfortune began several months ago when that sign was packed with malefic planets, i.e. Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter. At least Mars has moved on, but now he's in Aries, his home sign, where he's ready to do something, even if it's wrong. He's squaring Mercury retrograde in Cancer, which suggests whatever it is you want to do requires some reconsideration. I suspect that all those people who rushed out to their favorite bar or restaurant as soon as the country "opened up" again could be in this category if they have since tested positive to COVID-19. Take that as a cautionary tale. Whatever you really think you want to do, don't. Remember that Mercury RX is not a good time to start a new endeavor, anyway.

To get back to the planets in Capricorn, Saturn has returned there via retrograde motion. From Mid-January until the last week of April the only retrograde planet we had was Mercury from February through March. Most of that time he was in Pisces, the sign where he's as dysfunctional as he can get. I still shudder thinking about it. But for anyone who might think that having all the planets moving in a posigrade direction is a good thing, let me remind you how this year has been so far. Now we're seeing the antithesis of that where a whole bunch of them are retrograde. If you think it will be better, let me point out that they are heading back to where they were when this sh*tstorm started. Saturn and Pluto plus the lunar eclipse in Capricorn, plus Jupiter, which inflates whatever he touches. Nice, huh?  Capricorn is the most solemn of signs and its ruler is Saturn, the King of Karma. Lunar eclipses tend to have a strong emotional effect. Perhaps this one will bring the realization that things are not going to get better anytime soon. This is a time to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Uranus, planet of upsets, disturbances, explosions, rebellion, technology, innovation, breakthroughs, flashes of brilliance, and unexpected events is trining the eclipse, so be prepared for the unexpected. Venus is now direct, but is still operating as the Morning Star. Many civilizations throughout time have considered Venus as the Morning Star as the time to go to war. We are already fighting one against a virus, but the state of unrest in the world as a whole is unsettling as well. Protests have occurred around the world, some justified while others were operating under the influence of Mars in Pisces. For those of you in the USA here's another tidbit for you to consider about this eclipse. It falls on the USA's "birthday." Yes, countries have a natal chart, just like you do. This makes them very personal. As if things have not already been messed up enough, now an eclipse is going to get things in the USA even more spun up. As part of the country's "solar return" the implication is that its energy will last for the coming year. Fireworks, anyone? Displays may be canceled in your area but no telling what the cosmos has in mind.

The solar eclipse last Christmas was on my birthday and I can tell you that this year has definitely sucked the big one for me, but since most the world has been in similar straits I don't suppose that's too profound. We can always hope that people get upset enough to be responsible and try to fix it as opposed to having a temper tantrum and burning down their local business district. However, let me remind you about the Great American Eclipse that occurred on 21 August 2017 which I was fortunate enough to watch in Idaho. The path of visibility ran from coast to coast and divided the country. Which is exactly what its astrological meaning is, i.e. when an eclipse path cuts a country in half it will be divided and likely headed toward civil war. So as long as we're on this happy subject, bear in mind there's another one coming visible in much of the USA in April 2024. It's path will form an "X" with the one in 2017. Take a moment to think about that. Then check your toilet paper supply in that context.

If you need something to cheer you up at this point, may I recommend a family on YouTube who has kept many people, including myself, sane during this mess. They're called The Holderness Family and they do hilarious parody songs and Vlogs. A sense of humor is worth its weight in gold these days.


The New Moon on 20 July has a few surprises as well. First of all, like last month, it's in Cancer. This is rather unusual, though it does happen at least once a year that we have two in the same sign. Think about it. There are 13 New Moons in a year and 12 months and 12 signs of the zodiac. So check the table at the top to see which house is getting the double whammy.

Let's talk about Capricorn again. First of all, it's Cancer's polar sign. And what that means in this case is that the lunation is opposing those nasty cosmic bodies hanging out in Capricorn, i.e. Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, plus that troublesome asteroid, Wuhan, which has definitely been something to keep an eye on during this pandemic. Wuhan has also gone retrograde so made the trek back into Capricorn as well. For the lunation, it is between Saturn and Pluto. This is all very similar to what we saw in the end of February when Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto were in that coldest and unfriendliest of signs. Then they were all moving forward, now they're all moving backwards. That means they'll be there a while, then gradually station direct and come back over the same zodiacal degrees again. If you think this sounds like things are going to get better to you, about all I can say is "Dream on."

One note about these oppositions between the New Moon and those three planets plus one nasty asteroid. Oppositions are like a tug-o-war, but they also require balance. So far there hasn't been much of that. Perhaps the one hope we can place on this lunation is that people will figure a few things out. Clearly government officials have had a hard time figuring things out. I believe that most of them have done the best they could, considering this is a situation that is certainly unique. Trying to attain balance between the welfare of the people on one hand and the economy on the other is not simple. This is where individuals need to use their brains to research the available information, decide whether it can be trusted, and then act responsibly. Just because businesses open back up does not mean that things are back to normal. In the event you don't know who to trust (and who does anymore?) then err on the side of safety. Protect yourself, your family, friends, and those around you.

Jupiter is sextile Neptune for this lunation. Jupiter can be over-confident and too optimistic, though in Capricorn this will be minimized. Figure it as something like a practical attitude that leans toward the positive. Perhaps this friendly contact with Neptune in Pisces will bring some inspiration and help people pull out of their funk. Try to make the best of your situation and work on your patience and coping mechanisms. We're all angry that this year has fallen far short of our expectations (other than perhaps those insidious people responsible for this debacle) but taking it out on each other is not helping.

Mars is still squaring Mercury, but now Mercury is direct. Taking action on that idea may be what you should do, but it's not going to be easy. There's a lot of emotion involved, but keep it as positive as possible. The sextile from Mercury to Uranus adds an explosive element. Try to channel that into an innovative approach, not a rebellious one. But considering what we've seen so far, I don't think this is going to manifest in a positive way in public.

Other Cosmic Events

Mercury stations retrograde on 12 July. There has been a lot of rethinking and reconsidering going on during that time, such as whether it was a good idea to open up things again. The station chart shows Jupiter and Pluto (both retrograde) in a tight conjunction, suggesting further expansion of exposing corruption. The Sun is opposing them with Neptune at the apex of a Triangle of Potential connecting them all in a closed energy loop. Hopefully this will bring some inspiration with regard to how to manage the situation in a way that is as inclusive as possible. Saturn and Wuhan are in partile conjunction, i.e. the same degree. I don't see how any good can come from that, but perhaps Saturn will institute some discipline so there's more collective responsibility. No matter what government or authorities may say, remember we've certainly witnessed many bad directives from our leaders and the supposed healthcare industry the past few months. We are all ultimately responsible for ourselves and our own decisions, so make sure you think things through and not add to the collective stupidity which has had some serious and at times fatal outcomes.

Wuhan stations direct on 10 September. Yes, that's a ways off, but worth looking at for clues regarding what's coming. At that time that evil asteroid is in a Triangle of Potential via a sextile from Neptune and a Trine from the Virgo Sun. We can always hope that with the Sun in the sign that rules healthcare and Neptune the natural ruler of pharmaceuticals, that this will bring some good news. At that time Wuhan is between Pluto and Jupiter, both of which are still retrograde. Their respective tasks in that state are the exposure and cleansing of corruption and confronting ethical dilemmas. Perhaps that energy will work in our favor. The opposition between the Sun and Neptune in that Triangle of Potential is also part of a T-square with the Gemini Moon at the apex. This looks like a hard decision for someone, but the Moon is quincunx Saturn and Pluto, which suggests a change of course or adjustment. All we can do is hope that it's in the direction we're all hoping for and not the "second wave."

Time will tell. Meanwhile, stay safe.

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Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed response. Without knowing the background or the details, you - or the universe? - managed to hit on pretty much all of the key aspects of my situation... if I had any doubts about horary astrology, your [reading]  is the proof of its validity!  (New York)


* * *

I want to thank you for the time and energy you've put forth on my behalf. I think you are very, very good. . .you are obviously synthesizing your conclusions from what you see - and not from a canned list of astrological conventions.  (Florida)


* * *

Once again I am delighted and challenged by your extraordinary insight and perception . . . You are a mind reader. . . Your gifts are wasted on mere rocket science.  (Australia)


* * *

You are a nice person, Whobeda and you really helped me a lot. . . I just want to tell you that everything is happening exactly the way you said. (Singapore)


* * *

Hi...I've held onto this address for months meaning to get back to you. I DID get the position just as you said and its a blessing.  Thanks again for your positive, accurate work. (Kentucky)


* * *





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