Whether you're entirely new to astrology or already familiar with the Sun Signs, Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology is the book for you!  This isn't another commentary on the zodiac signs or so far over a beginner's head to fry your brain, but includes all the basics of astrology including Sun Signs, astrological houses, interpretive meaning of the planets and the aspects between them, importance of Moon signs, basics of compatibility, natal charts, progressed charts, planet returns, parenting with astrology, choosing a career, timing your goals, dieting by the Moon, and more! 

Whobeda's Guide is written in an entertaining and witty style which has been used as a text by astrologers teaching this ancient art and science, a testimonial in itself to it's easy to understand yet inclusive nature. 

Whether you aspire to become a professional astrologer or just want to learn more for your own enjoyment, the information contained in Whobeda's Guide will give you a firm foundation of understanding.  If you enjoy the wealth of information on ValkyrieAstrology.com but get dizzy playing hyperlink bingo, your problems are over because Whobeda's Guide gathers the majority of what's contained on the website into convenient form! 

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240 pages, pdf ebook format

$3.99 USD

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Amazon.com 5-Star Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Stargazing 101? May 27, 2014
By John Reinhard Dizon"
Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology by Marcha Fox is a user-friendly introduction to a field of study that goes back to the dawn of man. Back before the Internet, TV and radio, one of the only forms of entertainment was studying the stars. Regardless of one’s level of belief in astrology, even the biggest skeptics can most likely tell you what sign they were born under. For those who use it as a personal compass, the author’s book provides enough information for serious star-watchers to advance to the next level.

Fox discusses the Sun signs (which reflects one’s nature and personality) and Moon signs (that predict one’s emotional makeup), as well as personal planets that are most applicable to your personal chart. She also examines retrograde planets, aspects and aspect patterns, as well as zodiacal houses, cusps, modes and elements. Just before your mind starts spinning, she switches gears and explains how astrology can offer advice in relationships, personal and professional planning. It not only provides readers with a way to check that gut feeling or premonition in daily life, but gives serious students a solid start in what can turn into a lifelong hobby.

For the casual horoscope reader and the genuinely curious, Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology by Marcha Fox is an informative guide that tells you all you wanted to know but never stopped to ask.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Best 5$ I've ever spent. September 20, 2013
By piscesx7
This is a very good source of information. Whobeda has a style that is fun, witty and informative. I have read it twice and for a beginning astrologer it is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ! Astrology is a very difficult subject to learn and comprehend. Yet, Whobeda breaks down the information in a way that is easy to retain. She explains very complicated subjects in a practical manner that is applicable to my everyday life. I use this book frequently to gain clarity and insight to different planet alignments.....it has it all! I'm glad i found this book.

* * *
5.0 out of 5 stars awesome read October 13, 2012
By knomadiq
ok, i read this book and i'm really new to astrology. i have read a few books now and this one had the magic! i loved reading it. you will love this book! if you have no clue about cusp's, rising, or what a fixed or mutable sign is, then you need to read this book. and if your a man and want to know just a little about HER sign then read this book. its amazing how much i learned about my self from astrology. and what's funny is she has this spot in the book about what to get your Virgo guy for a present and it has tools. i freaking love tools! i would have every tool in the shop if i could! get this book. it's a must have, if only to understand the Sag(who other story). any ways get it. then don't for get to get a solar return also. you will need it!

* * *
5.0 out of 5 stars
Everything You Want to Know About Astrology --- and I Mean EVERYTHING. May 16, 2014
By J.D.Tucker
A Review of Marcha Fox's -- Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology.

I had the luck to win this book at an event featuring Marcha and, oh my God, it's awesome. It's packed to the brim with information, charts, diagrams, and explanations on everything to do with Basic Astrology. So far I've only checked out the chapters assigned to my own sign - Gemini - and it's the most comprehensive, yet simple book about the subject I've seen.
If you're into, or interested about the subject, start with this book. You'll be glad you did. Five Stars only because I can't give it a hundred.
* * *
5.0 out of 5 stars
Informative and Fun! March 31, 2014
By Donna McGarry
Written with wit and candor, this book is a must have for beginner's as well as seasoned professionals. There is an informative introduction to the basics such as planets, signs, and houses. The author goes a step further with wonderful personal examples of how some of these configurations play out in real life. You feel like you're sitting in the kitchen with a dear friend as she shares her delicious astro insights! The book then goes on to shed light on eclipses, horary astrology, aspect patterns, progressions, retrograde planets and more. It's a complete delight. Ms. Fox is a treasure!

* * *

Looking for Answers?

Astrology does a great job of answering life's questions but first you need to know where to look.  All the answers are certainly not to be found in these monthly horoscopes, even though they may touch on certain areas of your life.  If you really want to find out what's going on in YOUR life you need a personalized reading or report that uses YOUR birth data.  The question is WHICH report do you need?  And the answer lies in the "Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports." 

Bargain priced for Kindle at only $2.99 USD on amazon.com.  No Kindle? No worries! You can download a FREE app at the link below to read any Kindle format book on anything including your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.  What's the catch?  None whatsoever other than hoping you'll leave a favorable review on the Kindle site.  This book will help you know exactly where to find the information you need for years to come for about what you spend on your favorite beverage.  What do you have to lose?


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