If you're into astrology you've probably heard of the "Asteroid Goddesses" as well as Chiron, "the wounded healer."  If you'd like to learn more about the associated myths and how they affect their astrological interpretation, this easy to read ebook is exactly what you're looking for!

Numerous books have been written about Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas Athene, the most famous of which is "Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine" by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch.  The landmark work addressing Chiron in my opinion is Melanie Reinhart's "Chiron and the Healing Journey. Rest assured that this ebook is NOT in competition with either of those which represent comprehensive studies.  Rather, this one cuts right to the chase, a Readers' Digest version, if you will, that you can comfortably read in a leisurely afternoon.  And I'll tell you a little secret: the information it contains is already on this website in the Asteroids section.  However, for a few bucks you can have it in more convenient form, even a version for your Kindle, Nook or Tablet, should you want to go back and refer to it from time to time more easily. 

Since you can see what it contains by following the link in the previous paragraph I'm not going to bother describing it any further, but here are the three reviews it received so far on Amazon.com.  If you buy it I hope you'll review it, too.  At the risk of sounding defensive, my impression of the first review is that the reason she only gave it three stars was for what it was missing, not what it contained.  Her point is well-taken and some day perhaps I'll go back and add more information, but if you're just looking for some background that's entertaining and easy to read, then this is a great introduction to the subject that won't cause your eyes to glaze over.

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Book Description

If you’re looking for a pithy astrological description of the most commonly used asteroids look no further. Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athene and Chiron are all addressed with the author’s characteristic dry wit which provides entertaining and easy-to-grasp insights into their respective influences. While volumes have been written about these entities, if you want to get to the point so you can begin exploring their meaning in your horoscope now then this purposely short work is what you’re looking for. The astronomical description, mythological background and astrological implications for each are provided. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned astrologer Marcha Fox’s (a.k.a. Whobeda) insights in this collection of essays will assist your understanding and interpretation of these asteroids with a minimum of cerebral discomfort.

Amazon.com Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars Another layer of the Goddess speaks January 28, 2014

By Moon High Priestess

This was a very good book revealing the history and application of the asteroid Goddesses when using astrology. The only thing I would have liked to have seen more of were specific zodiac sign expression (all 12) with each asteroid not because it hasn't already been done before, because the author has such a unique vision of the asteroids, along with a witty sense of humor, I think it would have been a refreshing take to read and embody.

I truly enjoyed the book, as an astrologer whose mission is to assist others in reconnecting to their inner Divine Feminine, this was a good read.


5.0 out of 5 stars Bringing the Goddesses Down to Earth March 5, 2014

By Donna McGarry

I love this book. Intrigued as I am about the myths, sometimes the information is relayed in such a way as to put me in a coma. Not so with Ms. Fox's primer. Well researched and detailed, the book is insightful as well as humorous and engaging. The mythic characters are vividly brought to life then explained how they relate to the astrological themes in a person's chart. Anyone who wants to learn more about the goddesses and/or applying them astrologically will appreciate the hard work the author has put into this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Wow! Major Asteroids, The Ancient Goddesses, and Revelation of the Feminine Soul! July 12, 2014
By cheryl Weismantel
Another brilliant book by Marcha Fox, who examines the feminine soul journey and our awareness of it though the ages with discovery of asteroids as well. A witty and vivid description of the the main asteroids, with an in-depth, humorous and enlightening discussion of how the asteroids effect your life and your relationships, the feminine soul. Marcha certainly has helped me with understanding the diverse aspects the feminine identity after reading her books and ordering her charts. Marcha states herself, "The four main asteroids, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene and Vesta, all released a dimension of feminine energy that had been held captive for centuries, thus remaining dormant in humankind...The planets give us the basics of a horoscope, but such things as asteroids and fixed stars provide more detail, much like stepping up the power on a telescope used to view the heavens. Astrology opens the door to understanding: of yourself." I urge more people to dip into the ancient culture Marcha solidifies with truth and perspective, to get a better understanding of themselves and their relationships, including knowing more about the feminine spirit.




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(This link takes you to Amazon.com where you can purchase "Asteroid Archetypes: A Primer" in Kindle format) FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

181 KB, 27 pages, mobi format



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Marcha Fox, a.k.a. Whobeda, is a professional astrologer with a bachelor’s degree in physics as well as a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology (IAA).  Since retiring from a 21 year career at NASA in a variety of roles including technical writer, engineer and manager she’s now a fulltime author and astrologer.  She's owner and proprietor of ValkyrieAstrology.com from which she serves clients throughout the world with both personalized readings and computerized reports.  She has taught for IAA, spoken at conferences and astrology groups, and written numerous other ebooks on astrology including Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology, Asteroid Archetypes: A Primer, & Lilith: Dark Maid of the Sith, available in Kindle and pdf format as well as the science fiction Startrails series available in both Kindle and print copy on Amazon.com.

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