Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th Signs trine each other, meaning they're of the same Element (Fire) with possibly compatible Modes (Fixed & Mutable).
Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th
What you like about each other:  Each is a bit snooty in its own way, the Lion because he's royalty and Sag because it's intellectually superior, so this couple will feel comfortably equal, find the other fascinating and be a bit challenged by one another.

What drives you crazy:  Sag fire storms of enthusiasm which burnout prior to completion, Sag high-mindedness that fails to respect much less give homage to the Leo ego.

Uh-oh, here we go with two Fire signs again. Now I know that the signs themselves are Trine and supposed to get along just fine, but whenever you put two Fire signs together things can get a little hot. This is not to say they arenít good, only that there is a risk involved. Kind of like setting off your own fireworks on the 4th of July or New Years Eve. Itís cool, noisy, awe inspiring, and thrilling, but if youíre not careful, you could lose or at least injure various body parts.

Actually, these two can be quite good together. Leo thinks theyíre descended from royalty and Sag thinks theyíre intellectual royalty. Thus, both have a superiority complex of sorts that will draw them to each other as equals. Leo basks in the light of the Sun, center of the Solar System, and Sag enjoys rulership from Jupiter. This brings up the additional point that the only sign that Sag canít say "mine is bigger than yours" to regarding its planetary ruler is Leo. Jupiter is also the planet of luck and expansion and some scientists believe is actually a "failed star" that didnít quite have what it took to give the Sun a companion and thus become a binary star system. Which is probably just as well because if that had happened, then Earth might not exist, being between them. And thatís a philosophical question worthy of any Sag, but itís not something that Sag wants to talk about because any kind of failure simply isnít on their radar as a possibility.

These two both have tempers. That means that when they disagree it will probably get noisy. However, this is just how they communicate and probably not bad for anyone except innocent bystanders, particularly those of the Water persuasion who might be worried theyíre going to hurt each other. Not to worry, Lions and Archers are pretty well-matched in that department. In the social department, Sag talks well and Leo shows well, quite a good combination for a couple that wants to be noticed.

The main thing they need to do to keep the relationship healthy is make sure they donít trip over their own ego and forget to take care of each other. Since theyíre very likely to be quite proud of each other, this will hopefully not happen, but both are somewhat high maintenance, as signs go, so if either notices the other being a little quieter or sulkier than usual, they might want to take stock of what theyíve done lately to show their adoration. Some kind of personal token of quality will work for Leo and airline tickets for two to some foreign destination will work for Sag. Just make sure your bank accounts can afford it, since thatís one pitfall thatís easy for Fire signs to fall into. Other than that, this could work and work well.

* * *

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