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Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th Signs are in sextile but actual aspects can range from near semi-sextile (31o) to near square (89o) depending on actual location of Suns.
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th
What you like about each other:  Unorthodox and progressive ideas, interesting conversation, lots of friends and few inhibitions.

What drives you crazy:  When Sag gets off on some high-minded idea and takes it seriously, when Aquarius doesn't take Sag's high-minded ideas seriously.  (Actually, they're more likely to drive everyone else crazy.)

To use the favorite expression of one of my daughters, this couple would be a real "piece of work."  Oddly enough she's an Aquarius, but really quite a conservative one thanks to a splattering of Capricorn and Gemini.  Anyway, these two would be that couple down the block that got a wild hair (or is it hare?) and decided to shingle their house with hubcaps, paint their house purple with green trim to celebrate Mardi Gras (in 1997 and it's still that way), go to San Juan Capistrano to watch the swallows or the South Pole to watch the penguins.  Mind you they're probably the most interesting people you know and they throw fantastic parties, provided you're invited since they tend to be a bit noisy.  But they are different.  Really different.

Each of these signs is just a bit unconventional, anyway, and when you get them together you have a real, well, "piece of work."  I'm sure you had one of those friends at one time in your life somewhere between elementary school and college that was a really bad influence.  When you and this other person got together you would both do things you'd never dream of otherwise.  You would just egg each other on and get the craziest ideas and before you knew it you were doing something for which you were lucky not to get arrested, or maybe you were.  You probably never laughed so hard in your life or have since and knowing the therapeutic power of humor, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all.  Maybe the laughter was part of the problem, i.e., it didn't allow enough oxygen to get to your brain or something.  At any rate, that is how the Sag-Aquarius pairing seems to size up.

Chances are they'll either be horribly poor or extremely rich but probably not too many will fall into the middle.  These just aren't average people, they're at one end or another of the bell curve but definitely no where near the middle.  So if you're kind of average yourself, you may not know anyone like this, but I'll bet if you're honest and think hard enough you have a relative (or more likely an in-law) out there somewhere in the category.  Eccentric as hell and everyone loves them, even if they should be in a rubber room. 

Sounds like my kind of people.

* * *

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