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Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are trine and thus in the same element (Fire) giving them similar characteristics.
Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th
What you like about each other:  Compatible air of confidence, feistiness and joie de vivre.  Physical activities such as dancing, beautifying your home and surroundings, creative endeavors such as drama productions, working with children.

What drives you crazy:  Ego needs not met, like different types of friends and social interactions, Ram crudity and Leo ego trips.  Tempers burn at different rates, but both can scorch with both signs more sensitive than they like to admit.

Here we go with one of those trined signs, in this case two with the same Element, i.e. Fire. There will be a natural attraction between these two and itís likely to get a bit hot from time to time, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Both have a temper, though their basic motivations differ slightly. The Ram, ruled by Mars, is driven by energy and aggression, whereas the Lion, ruled by the Sun, is motivated by being the center of the Solar System as well as a sense of entitlement that derives from being royalty, the king or queen of beasts, if you will. It is important to remember these differences, though slight, when the yelling starts. On top of that remember that Aries is a Cardinal sign, while Leo is Fixed, yielding an "Iím in charge, damnit!" versus "If you think Iím going to change, youíre sadly mistaken!" respectively. Remember these slightly different flavors and that they can either result in a culinary marvel or pig slop, depending on how itís prepared and served up.

Both of these people have an Ego (note the capital "E") which needs to be fed. This can also take two slightly different forms which can usually be worked out reasonably well. Aries likes lots of praise, respect and adoration, while Leo likes homage along with attention. If the Ram provides the Lion with lots of little gifts as tokens of esteem and affection and the Lion, in turn, gushes sufficiently with appreciation and praise this can be a very synergistic relationship. At any rate, itís not going to be boring, by any means. These two will like to socialize and have quite a circle of friends, with the Ram and Lion at the center. Itís not too likely that either will ever have a problem extracting the other from in front of the TV to go do something more interesting.

One area of caution for these two is finances. All those gifts and tokens can get expensive, especially with Leoís royal taste for quality, and the Ram can get hooked on all that appreciation as well as being inclined to impulsive spending. So make sure you have a budget and do your best to stay within it, even though Fire signs tend to be somewhat financially impaired unless there are some strong Earth signs in there somewhere. Both have what it takes to be very successful in their chosen careers and are likely to have a good income. Just make sure you spend less than you bring home. Otherwise there will be plenty to fight over and it will be a regular conflagration from that point on.

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