Let's hear it for Leo!

Leos, like the King of Beasts who represents them, have a natural grace and regal bearing that is hard to miss. Itís amazingly cat-like, particularly in Lionesses, and is wont to be imitated by others of their gender. Whether they are walking, swimming, or especially dancing, there is a noticeable willowy movement about them of which they are amazingly unaware. At least the movement part. Not so, the regal bearing.

There really is something discernibly different about them that bespeaks royalty and they know it, though they donít flaunt it in an ostentatious way. Itís like they know they donít have to prove anything to anyone, but simply deserve attention as a matter of course.

While other Fire Signs tend to believe "itís all about me" Leo takes this to the next level; they not only believe that theyíre the center of their own universe but the center of yours as well. After all, Leo is ruled by the Sun, placing them figuratively in the center of the solar system.

They like nice things and usually get them, not necessarily through their own efforts like Taurus, but usually through someone who recognizes their royal status and pays appropriate homage. They accept it graciously enough, but never question whether or not they deserve it or whether or not you should have spent your grocery money on those dozen roses. For those things that they do get for themselves, they know where to get them and love to tell tales of their shopping exploits. If you want to know a good place to buy something, ask a Leo.

A bit egocentric but not selfish, they like to give as well as receive and will shower their loved ones with little gifts and tokens of kindness on a regular basis. Be sure to show your appreciation when they do because theyíre really quite sensitive and tender-hearted regardless of how confident they may appear. If their feelings are hurt theyíre inclined to retreat and hide for a while, licking their wounds, either until the offender apologizes or their need for attention demands they come out.

None of anything said so far was intended to imply that Leos are lazy. While the image of a well-fed lion lounging in the light of its ruling planet may seem to lean in that direction, donít forget that the nap was much deserved after a hard morning chasing antelope. They know how to work and usually do a good job. Being royalty, they have a strong sense of pride and therefore do things correctly, which naturally elevates them to a position where they are somehow at the center of things. They thrive on attention, they like to talk and being a Fixed Sign, they see little reason for change other than to improve their standard of living.

Leo resides in the 5th House of creativity, children, investments, entertainment and love affairs. As expected, they excel in all these and then some. They are born between July 23 and August 23, when their ruling planet is hot and sultry. They likewise seem to possess more than their share of sex appeal, are strong, protective parents and express their creativity in numerous unique ways. They also tend to be very fond of animals and generally treat their pets as if they were human.

Lion Portrait

Original artwork courtesy of BarbaraTrust.com

Leo has a bit of the Fire Sign temper, but itís expressed in their own dignified way. When an Aries loses his temper people run for cover; with Sagittarius theyíre mesmerized by the display of energy, but not particularly impressed; and with Leo they tend to listen sympathetically and then find a way to figuratively pet the kitty so heís happy again. No matter what got them riled up, it seems that they were somehow justified and it should be corrected, no matter what the cost. With anyone else youíd tell them to get over it, but somehow a Leo with all that royal blood deserves better. Lions have a strong sense of justice and if theyíre wronged they donít sit there quietly and accept it. This is when the claws come out and if you listen carefully youíll hear a low growl. They donít always make a lot of noise when theyíre angry, but they will seldom ignore it and if youíre the target, donít be surprised if youíre pounced upon when youíre least expecting it.

You can spot a Leo at a party by looking for the one with a small entourage of admirers. Regardless of what their specific features may be, thereís something sexy about them. They may not be doing anything any more profound than sipping a glass of wine, but those that donít know them think theyíre a celebrity and those who do are waiting for them to become one. Other Fire Signs have groupies, too, but Aries is telling the stories and Sagittarius is probably delivering a detailed travel log of their latest trip abroad or other exploits. Meanwhile, Leo only has to project their natural charm and charisma to attract admirers far and wide. People will meet them once and remember them forever.

If you only remember one thing about Leos then remember this: No matter how gracious and royal they may seem, there is more there than a kitty cat. Donít ever put yourself in a position to be reminded that they are well represented by the King of Beasts.


Attitude:  It's good to be king (or queen).

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