November 2020 Astrocast

NEW MOON: 14 November 2020, 23:18 Scorpio

FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPE: 30 November 2020, 08:38 Gemini


Retrograde Planets: 


Mercury (11:40 Scorpio - 25:57 Libra) 13 October - 3 November 2020

(Shadow until 20 November 2020)

Mars (28:09 - 15:14 Aries) 9 September -13 November 2020

(Shadow until 3 January 2021

Uranus (10:42 - 6:43 Taurus) 15 August 2020 - 14 January 2021

(Shadow until 1 May 2021

Neptune (20:58 Pisces - 18:09 Pisces) 22 June - 29 November 2020

(Shadow until 20 March 2021)

Jupiter (27:14 - 17:24 Capricorn) 14 May - 13 September 2020

(Shadow until 6 December 2020)

Saturn (01:57 Aquarius - 25:20 Capricorn) 10 May - 29 September 2020

(Shadow until 3 January 2021)

Pluto (25:00 - 22:29 Capricorn) 25 April -3 October 2020

(Shadow until 26 January 2021)

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(Brings something new into your life)
(Ending, culmination, or shift to a new  phase)
Date: 14 November 2020 Date: 30 November 2020
Position: 23:18 Scorpio (Strongest influence for those born ~17 October) Position: 08:38 Gemini (Strongest influence for those born ~1 October)
Natural House: 2nd Natural House: 9th
Influences of the 2nd house include your finances, income, possessions, needs, comforts and pleasures.  A New Moon in this area suggests something new, but it may not be of a material nature.  This house includes anything you value, which could relate to your standards or morals as well as money.  For example, you may discover that changing jobs to do something you love is more important than the income itself. It's an excellent time to review your budget as well as assess what you really need to feel comfortable and secure.   Influences of the 9th house include your philosophy of life, beliefs, expectations, legal matters, higher learning/academia, publication, other cultures, religion, politics, long-distance travel and relocation. This is where you process the information you receive and either reject or accept it into your opinions. You may expand your view of the world or be more inclined to socialize. Look for a culmination or shift to a new phase that relates to something in this part of your life.


It's been a crazy, upside-down year, so it makes sense to include this part of the horoscopes at the top instead of the bottom. With Mercury stationing direct on 3 November and the first lunation on 14 November, it simply made chronological sense. I don't know about you, but I've been practically counting the days until Mercury goes direct. I have a huge to-do list and starting anything during Mercury RX tends to doom it to failure or a significant delay. Mars retrograde wasn't much better, and seems to designate actions that you'll either regret or turn on you such that they don't turn out as expected. With both of these planets retrograde, I've felt as if I were hog-tied.


Mercury stations direct in Libra, where he returned after stationing retrograde in Scorpio on 14 October. Upon returning to cardinal sign, Libra, he began to square that ominous stellium in Capricorn comprising Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Given that Libra is all about fairness and balance and Capricorn, especially with her current residents, is all about power, status, and control, it's not too surprising that this has resulted in numerous clashes in the communication department. It's possible that this also relates to the censorship seen of late in social media, and of course the media already is suspect and is prone to filter their reporting to suit their agenda.

The station chart has a square between Neptune and the Gemini Moon, which is another conflict between data and delusion. The Moon is quincunx Jupiter, trying to effect a change of direction, but only time will tell if that's effective. Uranus and Venus are in partile quincunx as well, and suggests disruptions to any efforts toward being fair and balanced change of direction.


CORRECTION: I previously miscalculated the date and time of Mars stationing direct as the same day as the New Moon. I have since realized it actually occurs the day before, on Friday the 13th, no less. I have thus corrected this accordingly. Turns out I goofed on Mercury stationing, too, except at least that was the same day. Which proves writing horoscopes while Mercury is retrograde is a bad idea.

Mars stations direct the day before the New Moon. Thus, the aspects are slightly different. Mars is in a wide opposition to Venus with both planets in dignity in signs they rule. This makes them equally strong, though Mars will definitely be pumping some energy into 15:14 Aries. If you know anyone born within a day or two of April 5, you might want to give them wide berth for a few days. The opposition with Venus, as always, is a call for balance, which makes me laugh, given we've seen so little of that this year. I, like most of y'all, are more than ready for 2020 to end.

When Mars is retrograde its difficult to make any progress. It's like being stuck in the mud. In the case of Mars being RX in Aries, he's not only stuck in the mud but pissed off about it. In other signs he might just chill out and enjoy the break, but not in Aries. Thus, when he goes direct, you can expect him to peel out like Harrison Ford's character did in the movie American Graffiti. The Moon is conjunct Mercury and also parallel, meaning they're in nearly the same declination as well. If you could see them paired in the sky they would be quite close together as well as at the same level. In Scorpio, this suggests some highly passionate and emotional communications that could be rather explosive in nature, due to their opposition to Uranus. Venus is quincunx Neptune, suggesting the need for a change of direction for your dreams, which may have been delusional, anyway, annoying as this may be. Her square to Pluto and Jupiter indicates some push-back from those who want to retain power and control. So this is the prevailing energy of when Mars stations, followed the next day by a New Moon.


Since we had two Full Moons last month, the first lunation this month, a New Moon in Scorpio, doesn't occur until 14 November.

Besides being in Scorpio, which is an intense and passionate sign, this lunation has a couple cosmic escorts, so to speak, worth discussing. First of all, it occurs in nearly exact (within 3 arc-minutes) sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn. As noted previously either here or in the astrocasts, Jupiter is not a happy camper in Capricorn, which restricts his usually expansive nature.

While many consider him benefic, that isn't necessarily true. He simply expands what he touches. If it's a favorable connection with a benefic planet, then things will be increased on the good side. If it's an unfavorable (or even seemingly favorable) connect to a malefic, like Mars, Saturn, of often Uranus, then he'll expand the unfortunate effects. I have seen Jupiter quite active in various severe weather charts, for example. So, if nothing else, you could consider him moody, which is perhaps why he is exalted in Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon and also know for being a bit moody.

About those favorable and unfavorable aspects, I want to remind you that they're much the same way. Trines and sextiles are often considered favorable, but all that means is that the energy flow is strong. What really counts are the energies of the planets in their respective placements. Likewise, seemingly unfortunate aspects such as squares and oppositions reflect conflict when the respective signs the planets occupy are of the same modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable.) If the planets and houses are "friendly," then this seemingly difficult aspect may simply mean you have to work a little harder for something that will ultimately be good.

Okay, now that I have that basic Astrology 101 lesson out of the way, let's get back to the New Moon and the sextile to Jupiter, who's probably in a bad mood in Capricorn, though hopefully less so, now that he's no longer retrograde. At least now he can get moving again and eventually get out of that sign. The usual interpretation of a sextile in a natal chart is that it represents a talent or opportunity. Thus, perhaps this bring an opportunity for something new that you feel passionate about. Jupiter in Capricorn, the natural 10th house of career and status, suggests that perhaps you'll get some help from an influential friend. Venus is in dignity in Libra and she's semi-sextile the lunation, suggesting this could involve a relationship. A semi-sextile usually brings a blessing in disguise or a cloud with a silver lining, where some effort on your part can turn what at first appears to be an irritation into something in your favor.

Pluto is sextile the lunation, throwing a dose of power and control into whatever new is coming your way. He's squaring Venus, however, which looks like a reminder that you cannot control another person, so bear that in mind, whatever the situation may be. There's another influence out there from Eris, a minor I haven't mentioned before who's out there beyond Pluto. When I was taking a geo-political astrology class with the International Academy of Astrology the instructor made particular note of Eris as important. Her simplest interpretation is that of discord. Now consider that she's in Aries squaring Jupiter and quincunx the lunation, which implies a big change of direction and you may not like it. Mercury opposing Uranus is saying somewhat the same thing, that sudden or unexpected changes or events are coming. Of course if you're in the USA and have even a marginal awareness of what's going on this month, this should not come as a surprise. The election this month, which occurs on the day that Mercury stations direct, is the most volatile one I can remember and I'm probably old enough to be your mother, maybe even grandmother. A rough ride is coming, so buckle up.

Wuhan, that dreadful asteroid that has shown connections with the COVID-19 pandemic's behavior, has left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. With luck, maybe that will start to fade away, at least for a while. After all, that asteroid has been out there for a long time and this is the first it's caused any trouble. Hopefully, that, at least will be a thing of the past.


The Full Moon on November 30 is a lunar eclipse. I can just hear all the cheers, right? This means that it will be more powerful than the usual lunation with its effects lasting much longer. Some would say until the next lunar eclipses while others might say the next lunar eclipse in Gemini. Uranus and Venus are throwing their hats in the ring and making the chart look like either an X-wing fighter from Star Wars or perhaps the top-end view of a game of cat's cradle. Uranus promises to bring some annoying disruptions or sudden changes while Venus, who's now in Scorpio, where she's not in the best of moods, may require your emotions to change course, whether or not you like it.

Mercury is in Scorpio, which tends to bring out some rather dark and sarcastic communications. His sextile to Saturn and Jupiter implies big news coming down from the top. Mars and Neptune are semi-sextile, that annoying cloud with a silver lining aspect, which implies you may not be seeing things clearly with your current direction. Like they say, however, there are no mistakes, only detours, and there's always a useful lesson there if you're paying attention. And speaking of paying attention, Neptune stations direct about nine hours before the lunation so his energy may, with luck, provide some inspiration.

Neptune stations semisextile Mars. Neptune, by his very nature, is a bit of an enigma. Dreams and fantasies, to say nothing of inspiration and enlightenment, are all pleasant Neptunian influences, but he's also the king of delusions, deception, and confusion. Given how 2020 has progressed so far, it seems the latter have been his mission to date. The first thing that comes to mind on this itchy aspect is that if you think you're going to get moving forward again, think again, it's no more than a delusion. Uranus is quincunx the Sun, suggesting a sudden disturbance or disruption, with the Moon only hours away from an eclipse. Venus in Scorpio, who knows how to get what she wants, whatever it takes, is opposing Uranus, and therefore resisting any change that isn't in her favor. Mercury is sextile Jupiter and Saturn, discussed earlier, and hints at communications.

This month promises to be a real doozy, so load up on plenty of comfort food. Thanksgiving is coming, at least in the USA, and with COVID-19 staging an encore, things do not look favorable for that event since family gatherings have been one of the worst offenders for passing along the virus. Check the astrocasts for that weekend for more specifics on what you can expect there.  

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Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed response. Without knowing the background or the details, you - or the universe? - managed to hit on pretty much all of the key aspects of my situation... if I had any doubts about horary astrology, your [reading]  is the proof of its validity!  (New York)


* * *

I want to thank you for the time and energy you've put forth on my behalf. I think you are very, very good. . .you are obviously synthesizing your conclusions from what you see - and not from a canned list of astrological conventions.  (Florida)


* * *

Once again I am delighted and challenged by your extraordinary insight and perception . . . You are a mind reader. . . Your gifts are wasted on mere rocket science.  (Australia)


* * *

You are a nice person, Whobeda and you really helped me a lot. . . I just want to tell you that everything is happening exactly the way you said. (Singapore)


* * *

Hi...I've held onto this address for months meaning to get back to you. I DID get the position just as you said and its a blessing.  Thanks again for your positive, accurate work. (Kentucky)


* * *





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