Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd Signs are in sextile which in this case provides complementary modes (Mutable and Fixed) and elements (Air and FIre).
Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th
What you like about each other:  Energy, wit, enthusiasm, never a dull moment, good conversation.

What drives you crazy:  Leo shows well, but Gemini steals the show.

This pairing is very natural in numerous ways. The basic elements of compatibility are strong, unless there are conflicting Moon or Ascendant signs. Both are lively, enthusiastic extroverted people who enjoy socializing. Even when they're alone there is plenty to talk about. Gemini's multiple interests and talents fascinate Leo, though a bit of restraint might be retained regarding actual participation in some areas. For example, Leo may find it very cool and exciting that Gemini enjoys or wants to try sky diving, but the Lion prefers to keep all fours on terra firma, thank you. Nonetheless, Leo will be supportive and go watch and encourage the Twin and provide a good cheering section, probably inviting along quite the entourage of mutual friends with a keg or two to celebrate after the big event.

The one element that can become an issue with this couple centers around Leo's ego needs. Leo needs to feel important and likes attention. However, with a Gemini present this does not always occur. A Twin can be a real scene stealer. This occurs with no effort on their part and certainly not because they're trying to upstage anyone. They simply love to talk and can, about nearly anything. Combine this with the fact they're usually very bright and draw attention like a light bulb draws moths and you can have a very, sulky, neglected Leo standing off to the side. This can be managed easily enough if the Twin will simply draw attention to Leo by telling some charming story or pointing out the genius of Leo's latest creative project. Since the Twin is very proud of his pet Lion this often happens quite naturally and everyone is happy. 

Geminis are usually very good at remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries, which is a good thing. If you ever forget your Lion's birthday, it will take a long time and a lot of penance before this major faux pas is forgiven. And it may not ever be forgotten. Leo is sensitive and, like all Fire signs, takes such slights very personally.

One further note regarding if these two marry and have children. When this happens, the kids tend to be the scene stealers and someone needs to make sure that Leo still gets his or her fair share of attention. Leos live in the natural 5th House of children, creative efforts, entertainment, and love affairs and excel in all these areas. They are devoted parents and love to show off their cubs, but still like to be recognized as the king or queen of beasts by their royal subjects.   Therefore, and you need to pay close attention to this statement: No matter how busy or broke you may be or how many little cubs there are to be fed and clothed, do not EVER neglect to provide a present for Leo's birthday, your anniversary, or most important, Christmas. It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, but it needs to be nice, not tacky, and most of all show that you actually thought about what to get for more than thirty seconds, a challenge, I know for most Geminis. If you don't, Leo may not say anything at the time, but the hurt will be there and as a Fixed sign, they have very long memories. A happy Leo is a delightful sight and a joy to be around. Living with an injured Lion, however, is not something you want to risk. You'll never know when those claws might come out and you're really not going to like it when they do. Trust me on this and heed my words and you should be able to maintain a nice, comfortable relationship. If you don't, well, don't say I didn't try to warn you.

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