Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th Signs are in opposition, yielding the same Mode (Fixed) and complementary Elements (Fire & Air).
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th
What you like about each other:  Creativity, Leo charm, Aquarian uniqueness; Socializing equally appealing to both.

What drives you crazy:  Leo ego and taste for luxury; Aquarian chatter, personality extremes of numerous varieties, Leo feeling the need to compete with Aquarian's legions of friends.

There is a lot of compatibility inherent in the Leo-Aquarius mix. Both are set in their ways and opinions, which is usually a red flag, but even though they see the world through different eyes, their quirks and unique qualities can mesh fairly well. Since Leo regards themselves as royalty, this can put off numerous other Signs, who either feel inferior or find the Leo ego entirely without any redeeming value whatsoever. Aquarius, however, finds it a bit of a curiosity, much as you might an especially clever costume at a Halloween party. Leos tend to be quite creative and this is an attractant, also, since Aquarius likes just about anything that is unconventional. Conversely, Leo likes the Water Bearer because they will look them in the eye and even challenge them, but not in an unfriendly manner.

One difficulty this pair can run into comes under the heading of "too much of a good thing." Those very traits that were so intriguing, albeit charming, at first can evolve into something about as desirable as Medusa. Leo's "sunny" personality can become an ego trip and Aquarius' host of friends and acquaintances much less involvement in social causes can become unwanted competition all too quickly. Leo, being the king of beasts, will tire of this in no time, particularly if some of those sudden changes have to do with the Aquarian's opinion of his royal holiness, the Lion. Fire signs do not react well to any kind of nagging or criticism.

Thus, the relationship can burn hot as Fire/Air element relationships tend to do, but it can also be a flash in the pan that is gone before you know it. If one or the other tips the boat, the relationship can capsize very quickly. This could come from some major change in one or the other's behavior or attitude, or simply when one or the other reaches the saturation point with something the other did all along. As always, compatible and stabilizing Moon signs and Ascendants can turn this into a solid pairing that retains its freshness from the early days of the romance. At the least, it can be very interesting to watch.

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