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Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th Being in the same sign there, will be strong similarities at the core level.
Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th
What you like about each other:  Appreciation of fine things, natural grace and charm, socializing with friends, sense of being with an equal partner, shopping.

What drives you crazy:  Being opinionated, wanting to be fussed over or waited on, too loud at parties, shopping.

When two Lions meet there will be instant recognition of the other as fellow royalty. It's never dull when you get two like Fire Signs together, but in this case they seem to have this quiet understanding that they actually do deserve each other.  He will know that a dozen roses are a necessity at least once a month, maybe more if a birthday or anniversary is involved, and he will not question money spent to maintain that regal appearance. Likewise, she will understand the necessity of owning a nice car. Certainly no one would expect her to be seen in some old POS when they go out to dine at an establishment with valet parking!

Leos like nice things and it will be evident in their homes. They like to look good, like the royalty they are, and will be familiar with the best brands of anything. If one of them has some Earth sign influence in their chart, then maybe they'll have a solid bank account, but it's not unusual for Lions and Lionesses to not place too much concern on such things. They see all their fine things as investments, not expenses, and expect the money to be there when they need it. If they get into financial straits, they tend to ignore it, thinking it will go away. It won't.

Having a temper, Leos will undoubtedly tangle from time to time. They need lots of rest and if they don't get it, they're likely to be grumpy. And while other Signs may take due warning from that tail flicking at the tip, it's likely that a fellow lion won't give it much heed. They're not very likely to change their mind, either, about most anything. It's simply a matter of pride and the fact that they know they're right. They're strong but sensitive, though they won't always be as considerate as they should be of one another if their own needs get in the way.

Nonetheless, they're probably the most patient of the Fire signs and will generally have numerous friends and admirers.  Without an active social life this couple will probably stagnate and sit around the house snarling at each other more than they should.

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