Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect
Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are in opposition, making both Cardinal signs, but the elements of Fire and Air are generally compatible.
Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th
What you like about each other:  Complementary emotional natures. i.e. Aries need for attention combines well with Libra interest in people.  Libra can have a calming effect on the Ram, as long as Ram's values aren't questioned.  Natural polarity including ruling planets of Venus and Mars.

What drives you crazy:  Libra tendency to be too "fair" and oscillating opinions, Aries opinions that are seldom negotiable without a lot of booze and/or sex.  Talks too much, says too little, Libra tendency to shy away from emotional topics or avoid controversy.

There are many elements of this relationship that can work. Opposing signs tend to have complementary traits and we often will back into our opposing sign behaviorally when we're under pressure or stressed. So there will be a certain amount of basic understanding that, coupled with strong affection, can make this a very good match. However, they are both Cardinal signs, so there could be a few arguments over who's "in charge," particularly if the Aries is male. While assertive behavior and initiative can be viewed as a good thing, as soon as it conflicts with what Mr. Aries thinks the appropriate action should be, there could be an argument. And that's when the Fire and Air mix can really get interesting.  But it is also where Libra is likely to back down. Libras don't like emotional confrontations. They want everyone to be happy and calm and in balance and are very uncomfortable in this kind of situation. They will either avoid it entirely or give in, just to restore peace. The Aries will probably see this as a victory, but it rarely is. Trust me. Libras excel at passive-aggressive behavior and will get you sometime when you're least expecting it and then play all innocent about it, the only hint that funny little smile they get. Lucky for you, their fairness fetish makes them lousy liars.

Libras like to talk-- a lot-- and if properly trained, they can learn to include in their daily ramblings all those nice, complimentary, ego-maintaining things that Aries needs to hear. They thrive on approval and praise, the more the better. Forget their daily dose and you'll see it in their behavior. Forget it for days or weeks or, heaven forbid, months on end, and you'll have a very depressed Ram on your hands, which is not a pretty sight. Like all other injured animals, lashing out is pretty common. Aries also like to talk--a lot-- so the ongoing banter between these two will be nearly constant. Libra needs to make sure that Aries has adequate time "with the floor" and that they really listen when they do, another ego-preserving tactic that will pay off in the long run. 

Another caution to Libra: In your determination to be fair and thus looking at all sides of an issue, be careful that while you're tripping along in one person's proverbial pair of shoes to the next that your musings do not come out as criticism of the Arian viewpoint. Criticism is the opposite of praise (duh!) and this is bad, bad, bad in dealing with an Aries. Once they're on the defensive, that Aries sword comes out and your head or other body part may be on the floor before either of you knows what happened. Now is a good time to look at the picture at the top of the page if you haven't already.  Look at it real, real hard and repeat the words "I will NEVER criticize my Ram, I will NEVER criticize my Ram, I will NEVER criticize my Ram....."  And if this happens and the sword does not come out, don't think the Ram was unscathed. They may have taken that round in silence, but they are wounded and you will pay the price one way or another, sooner or later.

Like I said earlier, this relationship has good potential, but the Libra is going to have to make some adjustments.  Fortunately, that is something that Libra does very well.

* * *

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