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Date, place, and time of birth are required for all reports! Email a copy of your PayPal receipt to
astrogoddess@valkyrieastrology.com with birth information for each individual for whom you've ordered a report. If more information is required, Whobeda will contact you accordingly. Reports are delivered via email in pdf format. Some orders may take up to 48 hours to process.

Who Wants to Learn More about Astrology?

Autographed Copy for a Bargain Price!

$12.50 (Paperback, 268 pages)

FREE SHIPPING! ($15.95+ value)

[Sorry, USA Customers Only]

Notify Whobeda@ValkyrieAstrology.com where to send it & if you'd like your autographed copy inscribed with someone's name.

Kindle & Tablet Versions Also Available!



Birth date and place are required for each person as well as TIME for best results. Don't know? No Problem!

Give a Gift Certificate!

For Gift Certificates, purchase the report(s) you wish to give, then email whobeda@valkyrieastrology.com with the email of the recipient and any giftcard information you'd like included.


Attention Science Fiction Fans!!

Autographed Copy!
The Terra Debacle
Prisoners at Area 51
(Paperback, 270 pages)
SALE! $12.95
($15.95+ Value)(USA Only)

Book Description

MORE SCI-FI DEALS at StarTrailsSaga.com

How Does YOUR Family Get Along?

60 - 75% off!

Family Dynamics "Peace on Earth" Package

Learn where you connect, where you clash, and why!

Best deal anywhere! Package contains a Natal Chart Report for each person plus a Compatibility Report (a.k.a. synastry) for each individual with every other! Be a better spouse and/or parent by understanding everyone's cosmic programming! (Give a copy to everyone and your shopping is DONE!)

3 People (3 natal, 3 synastry reports) $59.95 ($149.70 if purchased separately)*

4 People (4 natal, 6 synastry reports) $79.95 ($259.50 if purchases separately)*

5 People (5 natal, 10 synastry reports) $99.95 ($399.25 if purchased separately)*

*Why the SUPER DEAL? Whobeda would have given blood and paid money for this information when she was raising her family! She wants your family to have this advantage, so she's giving you the synastry reports (usually $29.95 EACH!) for FREE!

Solar Return Reports

Did you know you have your own, personal NEW YEARS DAY? Unless your birthday is January 1st, yours is within a day, give or take, of your birthday!

It is known as your Solar Return and based on when the Sun returns to the same zodiacal position it was in when you were born. This date may vary a day, one way or the other, from your actual birthday and, of course, the other planets are in different positions. This chart is similar to a Natal Chart except it's only in effect for approximately a year.

This report provides an in-depth view of what you might expect in the coming year with an approximate three month overlap at the beginning and end. The Solar Return chart relates primarily to events and interactions to expect in the year to come.

 $19.95 ($24.95 value)

Add Solar Return Timing report for an additional $5.95!

Email Whobeda with your birth information (date, place and time) as well as where you were (or expect to be) on your birthday (including the day before and after, in case your solar return isn't exactly on your birthday). This information is required to generate your personalized report.  Report(s) will be emailed in pdf format.

More Holiday Deals!

Know Thyself Report Package  $49.95 $29.95
Major Life Themes, Hidden Messages, Asteroids, Fixed Stars, & Astro-Locality Reports

Personal  Horoscopes $29.95 $19.95
A full year's forecast based on your natal chart. 

Lunar Landscape $64.95 $39.95
13 Lunar Return Reports + Natal & Progressed Lunar Phase Report

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