Little Pisces are usually peace-loving dreamers who are more likely to have an imaginary friend than just about any other sign.  They are sensitive, intuitive, and easily hurt by the harsh realities of life.  They will naturally seek to escape from unpleasantries of any kind and seek solace in a fantasy world.

Pisceans tend to be idealistic and absolutely loaded with questions relative to the imperfections around them.  This won't be done in the critical manner of a Virgo, but with genuine disappointment that the world is not a better place.  They will be emotionally affected to the point of tears over a dead bird or other example of Nature's brutality.  They will love animals but won't like the fact they kill and eat each other.  They could even turn into a vegan at a very tender age once they find out where that hamburger really originated.  They typically don't want to hurt anything and anthropomorphism is assumed to be reality.  They will talk to animals at a level that astounds you and be enthusiastic about sharing its reply.

Gentle and sensitive by nature, as a Water Sign they are deeply emotional, intuitive, and often have psychic abilities as well.  They are ruled by dreamy Neptune and sometimes have a hard time differentiating between what's real and what's not. These kids will really get into things like fairy tales in any form they're delivered whether it's between the covers of a book or on DVD.  They can transport themselves to another world and use their extremely vivid and active imagination to become part of it.  If they don't particularly like the real world, and few of them do, they will escape whenever they can.  Fish are very much of the mind that "All you need is love" and can't understand why everyone can't get along.  One keyword that is associated with Pisces that you need to remember is "transcendence."  This is something they will seek throughout their life as they strive to find a higher plane of existence.  Your job as a parent is to provide this in an appropriate way when they're very young and show them the way to find socially acceptable "escapes" as they grow up.  As a Mutable Sign they are adaptable and while they don't like to be told what to do, they don't necessarily care to be in charge, either.

Their vivid imagination often provides a lot of fuel for any talents they may have, such as for art, music, dance or writing.  Any of these media provide an acceptable escape vehicle that can serve them well throughout their life. If they're not interested in creating their own, they will nonetheless have a strong appreciation for that of others.  Having a Pisces child can be a wonderful experience for a parent who also needs an escape from a harsh and unpleasant world.  Don't be afraid to thoroughly enjoy getting away from the mundane and unpleasant elements of life and running away in a figurative sense with your little Fish.  Indeed, the biggest challenge you will probably encounter as a parent is teaching him or her to exist successfully in the real world.

Since little Fish are tremendously emotional, they are easily hurt, particularly since they hold the world to such high standards.  If they are exposed to too much reality, especially if it involves any form of brutality, it will drive them to escape in any way they can.  This could be to books, movies, video games, or any alternate reality, and they won't want to leave it.  If they have a bad experience at their daycare or school they'll resist going back but may not be able to explain why.  It may be too painful to talk about or they simply may not understand it themselves.  While obviously they aren't going to have a choice about returning, it's important to deal with the real issues so you can help them cope with reality.  Otherwise they may withdraw into their own little world more and more.  If you see this happening, you may tend to ignore it or even enjoy having such a "nice, quiet child who's so good at entertaining himself."  At the least, share his or her world with him from time to time and invite them into yours.  Being optimistic about the world is essential or they're likely to retreat even deeper into fantasy.

You need to accept the fact they can't handle a 24/7 dose of reality.  It's really not even good for the most strongly grounded, well-adjusted Earth Sign.  This is why it will do you good to join them from time to time.  Don't be afraid to get into it for fear they'll be less likely to come out of it themselves.  This need of theirs is not going to go away; what they need to learn is how to balance it with existence in the real world.  Learning, working and coping are skills they need to learn and this is not always easy.  And it needs to be done with a gentle, understanding hand.

For example, if they're spending too much time playing video games, rather than take them away entirely, stress that they need to spend a certain amount of time doing their chores or homework and then they can spend a designated amount of time with their games.  You have an obvious reward system going which you should exploit.  Also do whatever you can to show them the positive side of the world.  They typically love nature, so help them explore it in all its wonder.  It's okay if they think fairies live in the forest, a game you can even play with them.  Feeding their imagination will do less harm than forcing them to focus on reality.  They can have their little world, but they need to realize that they can't stay there all the time.  If you forbid them from going there at all, they will withdraw even further and be even less engaged with real life.

These kids will love places like Disneyworld.  You should make at least one excursion there or a similar place while they are young because they will never forget it.  As they grow older introduce them to acceptable ways to escape and let them know it is okay to do so, provided they fulfill their responsibilities.  I have known adult Fish who engage in a variety of escape mechanisms.  Sports and such things as a "runner's high" are quite popular; I know one Pisces who is not only a marathon runner but ran one in Antarctica.  Other activities include being a pilot and this particular one also was very much into Star Wars, where I'm sure he found his inspiration.  Mountain climbing is another pursuit I've known Pisces to engage in.  Anything that provides an adrenalin rush transports them closer to where they want to be.

Of course one of the biggest dangers you need to steer your child clear of is drugs.  Drugs are ruled by Neptune and Pisces is also ruled by Neptune.  Their ability to create another reality can be a tremendous temptation to a Fish.  It is extremely important that you provide acceptable, lawful substitutes to fulfill their need for fantasy and getting away from reality.  Providing worthwhile and challenging activities is extremely important for keeping them on track.  If they are bored or depressed, the temptation will be far too strong for them to handle.  Helping them achieve a balance that keeps their Pisces soul fed is essential. 

Primary Need:  Escaping Reality

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