January 2020 Astrocast

Retrograde Planets: 


Uranus (06:36 0 02:39 Taurus) 12 August 2019 - 10 January 2020

(Shadow until 26 April 2020)

Neptune (18:43 -15:55 Pisces) 21 June - 26 November 2019

(Shadow until 17 March 2020)

Pluto (23:09 - 20:38 Capricorn) 24 April - 3 October 2019

(Shadow until 24 January 2020)

Saturn (20:31 - 13:54 Capricorn) 29 April - 18 September 2019

(Shadow until 24 December 2019)

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(Ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase)
(Brings something new into your life)
Date: 10 January 2020 Date: 24 January 2020
Position: 20:00 Cancer (Strongest influence for those born ~13 August) Position: 04:22 Aquarius (Strongest influence for those born ~28 July)
Natural House: 12th Natural House: 7th
Influences of the 12th include spirituality, enlightenment, inspiration, the collective consciousness, your subconscious mind, seclusion, institutions, confinement, hidden enemies, and self-defeating behaviors. I often refer to this as the house of angels and demons for obvious reasons. A Full Moon could bring a culmination or shift to a new phase of something in this part of your life, but if it's at the subconscious level, don't expect it to be obvious.       Influences of the 7th house include close relationships such as your significant other, close friends and relatives, business partners, business professionals, cliental, competitors and open enemies.  Someone new is likely to come into your life at this time who fits one or more of these areas.  This could be someone entirely new or someone with whom you've had a more casual relationship in the past. A new situation may arise with an existing relationship.

The Full Moon on 10 January is also a Lunar Eclipse, giving it additional energy. Lunar eclipses typically operate more on the internal and emotional level whereas solar eclipses can bring events and situations into your life. There is a tremendous amount of cosmic activity this day besides being an eclipse. The Sun and Mercury are partile conjunct (same degree) and also in a condition known as cazimi, which occurs when the conjunction is within 17 minutes of arc. This is a very tight conjunction which applies only to the Sun and translates to "in the heart of the Sun". The Sun will therefore be shining his light on communications and information. They are not at the same declination, or distance from the ecliptic, however, so there will not be a "transit of Mercury" where you can physically see the planet cross the face of the Sun.

Saturn and Pluto are also in partile conjunction (within 10 minutes of arc of being exact) and are close enough in declination to be considered parallel, making this a very powerful conjunction. Technically, this pair is also conjunct the Sun/Mercury duo, making it even more intense. This suggests some very powerful communications, news, or information on the mundane scene as well as personally, which will be related to the house indicated above. (Remember to check the horoscope for the sign placement for your ascendant as well. I have found that both the natural house, as used in these horoscopes, and your natal houses usually apply. Many astrologers don't put much stock in natural houses but there have been times when something showed up for me in a natural house that I missed otherwise.) Note that this quartet is all opposing the lone Moon, which is being eclipsed. This implies that whatever these planets are up to could be overwhelming emotionally. Oppositions seek balance, but the Moon is extremely overpowered by the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, making equality unlikely.

Since this is the time of year that you may be considering some New Year's Resolutions, this could bring attention to something that simply cannot be ignored any longer. Capricorn relates to responsibility, traditional values, maturity, and meeting your obligations so if your finances are out of control, that would be one place to start. If, for example, you're prone to "retail therapy" or indulging your every whim, then rest assured your emotions are being eclipsed by the consequences if you've allowed things to get out of hand. Of course this applies to all entities, not just people, so such things as national and corporate debt could be in the crosshairs as well.

Mars is quincunx Uranus, which implies the need for a sudden, unexpected adjustment, change of course, or even a Catch-22 situation where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. The Moon is in a wide but viable trine with Neptune, which suggests a lot of emotional energy that could relate to your dreams or intuition. This could bring about something like a change of travel or school plans due to unforeseen circumstances which could also relate to money. For example, an unexpected expense could come along that forces you to change other plans, such as for a vacation.

This eclipse is designated as 3 South per eclipse guru, Bernadette Brady. It is in the same family as the Solar Eclipse on 25/26 December and may thus provide the emotional component or reaction to any events or circumstances the solar version brought your way. Eclipses are strongest when they occur conjunct or opposite your Sun or Moon and to some degree squaring them. This makes this one strongest for those with their Sun or Moon in Capricorn or Cancer with some influence on those in Aries or Libra. Solar eclipses can last for a year or longer, if they activate another "hot degree" such as one where an outer planet stationed. Lunar eclipse effects are more likely to fade by the next lunation.

Further energizing this eclipse is the fact that Uranus stations direct on the same day, i.e. just short of 6 1/2 hours later. This gives an additional boost to the surprise element. Uranus is unpredictable by nature, which usually means whatever you expect to happened won't. Between an eclipse and this station, to say nothing of the conjunctions and overpopulated state of Capricorn, astrologically this looks like a very interesting day.


The New Moon this month is in Aquarius and squares that sign's modern ruler, Uranus, which implies upsets or disturbances are likely. As noted above, Uranus has stationed direct. While retrograde  he's a bit more erratic, perhaps pointing out weak spots and issues that need to be addressed. Now he turns up the heat and says in no uncertain terms that something needs to change. If you've been ignoring a problem of some sort, thinking it would fix itself, rest assured that it probably won't and Uranus is likely to point that out in what could be an explosive way. Uranus is semisextile Chiron, the "wounded healer", which tends to relate to hurts and disappointments. A semisextile tends to manifest as an annoyance or friction, but the good news is that it can often be worked out with some concerted effort.

Mars is now halfway through Sagittarius and squaring Venus and Neptune, which suggests conflict or disappointment with your expectations regarding love or money. There's a good chance they were unrealistic, which set you up for not seeing the outcome you'd hoped for. Mars in optimistic Sagittarius can be too quick to pass judgment, however, or expect results to come too soon. For example, if you recently signed up on a dating website expecting to find your forever soulmate, chances are that is not going to happen. If nothing else, your expectations are likely to be rather diverse. Expectations are important in any relationship so it's important to get them out there or they may come back to bite you years later.

Along similar lines, Jupiter is sextile Venus, which can further enhance those expectations. The good news, however, is that Jupiter in Capricorn is a bit more practical and could actually help tame any fantasies inspired by Neptune or, best case, even pave the way for a scaled-down version to be viable. Mars sextile Mercury is helpful as well for talking it out. As they say, talk is cheap, however, so if it isn't backed with action and appropriate follow-through, the situation is likely to go full-circle back to potentially unpleasant disappointment.


Ordinarily this is the section where I include stations and other phenomena aside from the lunations. Since I've already covered Uranus's station, there is nothing else worth mentioning. However, I definitely have my eye on 10 January since that is a rather unusual conglomeration of cosmic energy and likely to produce something interesting.

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Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed response. Without knowing the background or the details, you - or the universe? - managed to hit on pretty much all of the key aspects of my situation... if I had any doubts about horary astrology, your [reading]  is the proof of its validity!  (New York)


* * *

I want to thank you for the time and energy you've put forth on my behalf. I think you are very, very good. . .you are obviously synthesizing your conclusions from what you see - and not from a canned list of astrological conventions.  (Florida)


* * *

Once again I am delighted and challenged by your extraordinary insight and perception . . . You are a mind reader. . . Your gifts are wasted on mere rocket science.  (Australia)


* * *

You are a nice person, Whobeda and you really helped me a lot. . . I just want to tell you that everything is happening exactly the way you said. (Singapore)


* * *

Hi...I've held onto this address for months meaning to get back to you. I DID get the position just as you said and its a blessing.  Thanks again for your positive, accurate work. (Kentucky)


* * *





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