Your Moon Sign drives your emotions and how you react to them. If you have an Aries Moon, either natally or by progression, more than likely you are an outgoing person. At least that’s what you’re called in polite company. Chances are you’re called something else behind your back. You’re a natural show-off and when you really get on to something, you’ll ride it until you either fall off or it drops dead beneath you.

You have lots of friends, or at least you think you do, though only a select few people really know you. You don’t like disappointments and if they occur, you’ll blame everyone and everything, including the dog, other than accept the blame yourself. The thought that you could do something wrong is incomprehensible and shakes you to the core.  You’re impulsive and make a career of hating yourself in the morning. You tend to burn your bridges and then be totally surprised when this bites you later.

If your Sun Sign is an Earth element, an Aries Moon will give you what it takes to walk over the top of anyone who gets in your way while you’re pursuing your many goals and ambitions. If your Sun is in an Air element, it will make your more aggressive in a verbal sense, which usually alienates you from those who could possibly help you. It also contributes to you being even more likely to offer your opinion before you figure out whether or not it is backed up by logic.

For those with their Sun in a Water element, an Aries Moon will give you yet another emotional dimension. Rather than react with a show of humble emotion to a disappointing event you’re more likely to strike out at everyone and everything first. Then when you realize that everyone either has their hands over their ears or has left the scene, you’ll back-pedal to a “woe is me!” stance and try to garner all the sympathy you can.

If you Sun Sign is a Fire element, an Aries Moon will simply give you a bit more punch and exacerbate those over-stated qualities you already know how to exploit.  You're likely to be considered egocentric and a high maintenance individual, so if you want to maintain any friendships or positive relationships you'll have to realize that your glorious presence alone is not necessarily enough to sustain them.  Make it a point to LISTEN once in a while and at least try to become a part of someone else's world.

When emotionally aroused, in polite company you are considered “spirited” and possibly “eccentric” while is less formal circles you are feared for your temper and ego-centricity.  A vast majority of people may think of you as a body part associated with the planet, Uranus.  Nonetheless, others admire the fact that you usually manage to get what you want.  Aries do well with an outlet for their excess energy. This should be a sport or activity that doesn’t involve physical harm to others, no matter how satisfying that may be.

If you have an Aries Moon by progression it will last approximately two and a half years, which is usually long enough to really accomplish something while you have all that energy and optimism. If there is something you’d really like to do with your life, this is a good time to get to it, but don’t waste any time. When your Moon slips into Taurus your entire attitude is going to relax and while you’ll be very interested in your bank balance at that time, your drive to do something dramatic is going to diminish substantially. So take advantage of it while it lasts, realizing it’s not permanent, which may actually be very good news to those around you who wonder what’s gotten into you lately.

Moon Sign changes via progression make a considerable difference in people but few know what is going on when it occurs. That is why I put this information out here, so you’ll understand yourself better and how to use the astronomical influences in a way that promote your growth and well-being. 

* * *

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