A Virgo Moon instills a huge dose of perfectionism that needs to be properly managed.  Virgo tends to worry a lot, be very critical, look for someone to blame and, being ruled by Mercury, does not hesitate to communicate any noted imperfections.  Needless to say, this does not necessarily endear them to others.  However, when the Moon is placed in Virgo, a lot of this criticism is turned inward, making them too self-critical and unforgiving of their own faults, especially if on the Ascendant or in the 1st House.  Since we all make any number of mistakes daily, if someone obsesses on them (such as a person whose Virgo Moon aspects Pluto) they're going to have significant self-esteem problems. 

Along these lines, Virgos tend to be what are commonly called "private" persons.  This undoubtedly also relates to their undeserved self-consciousness regarding their own imperfections.  Virgo needs to realize that in most cases their most mediocre efforts are far superior to others' best and should give themselves credit where credit is due.  Mental acuity will be enhanced if the Moon is in the 3rd House and their memory will be outstanding to the point of being annoying since they'll remember in vast detail everything you ever did to hurt their feelings.

Animals are likely to be a significant part of life and bring great emotional satisfaction to someone with a Virgo Moon.  Part of this is because animals are not only cute and interesting but are also very accepting and best of all don't talk or criticize.  The closest to criticism you might get from a dog is a disappointed look upon sniffing their food bowl.  Cats are a bit more discriminating and if they don't like their dinner and could talk, they'd sound a lot like a Virgo.  However, most Virgos can take it from a cat better than a human being.

Virgo rules the zodiacal 6th House of work which includes handwork and crafts of all kinds.  Someone with a Virgo Moon will find great personal satisfaction in such thing because these contain the potential for perfection where other areas of life aren't quite as cooperative.  Eye-hand coordination and spatial perception is also very acute.  This makes them outstanding artists and musicians as well.  Since they tend to be a bit restrained on the emotional side, these are all areas in which they can express themselves emotionally in a safe manner.  A caution in this area lies in the fact that artistic expression is very subjective so perfection in the eye of the Virgo may not match perfection in someone else's eye, which will qualify that person as "stupid" for the remainder of their association which is likely to be short.

Due to that 6th House link, Virgo has a strong work ethic.  With a Virgo Moon, especially in the 10th House, job satisfaction is going to rank high in their requirements for happiness and emotional well-being.  If they're unhappy in their job or career it's going to cause significant stress and make them rather difficult to live with, even more so than usual.  Ironically, their tendency toward self-effacement will keep them from recognizing success even when they're already there.  Things are just never quite good enough for a Virgo.

Since Virgo likes order if they're forced to live in a chaotic environment either on the job or at home it is going to make them either depressed, grumpy, nervous or possibly all three.  This will be particularly keen for 4th House Moon placement.  If in the 2nd House they'll take exceptionally good care of their possessions and have a complete hissie-fit if anyone harms any of their belongings in any way.

A concern for health goes along with their other efforts toward perfection.  Eating properly, the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural remedies as well as staying fit will be of interest.  With a Virgo Moon, the possibility to be obsessed in this area, either as a health food nut or hypochondriac is also possible, particularly for afflicted 6th House placement. 

I don't even want to talk about a Virgo Moon in the 7th or 8th House since these relate to relationships and sex respectively.  Needless to say perfection is not likely in either of these areas and is likely to bring considerable frustration to all concerned if sought for.  In the 11th House they're likely to be drawn to participation with groups and organizations, yet be continually frustrated with their lack of perfection.  In the 12th, they'll more than likely believe very strongly that spirituality means continually striving for perfection, and may be drawn to spiritual or occult subjects for that reason, though, again, they're likely to be disappointed when the various flaws appear.

With a Progressed Moon in Virgo, perfectionism, impatience, and attention to detail will increase and become much more pervasive.  Criticism comes more frequently with worrying an ongoing pursuit.  Fretting over how something will be accomplished and planning that goes beyond meticulous to obsessive are forms of worrying; it will be easy to slip into what others see as textbook whining whereas the Virgo Moon person simple feels as if s/he is reciting the truth and the facts, which indeed they are, but to an excessive degree.  An interest in pets of some sort is also likely to arise or an increased interest in health and fitness.  Likewise the need for order and job satisfaction as well as all the other traits mentioned above.  A Virgo Moon progression is a good time to go to school, certify in a profession, build or remodel a house, direct a cleaning frenzy toward your current home, or organize your finances or files, i.e. anything that benefits from organization and attention to detail.  These activities will also occupy the person and give them fewer opportunities to criticize, nag, and complain.

* * *

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