Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th Signs are sextile, which implies compatible Modes (Fixed & Cardinal) and Elements (Fire & Air)
Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th
What you like about each other:  Libra assertiveness is subtle enough to be attractive without threatening Leo ego; Leo confidence and energy appealing to Libra.

What drives you crazy:  When Libra logic and/or sense of fairness kicks in and backs Leo into a corner on an emotional issue.

These are another one of those Sextile aspect sign combos that usually works. Let’s take a closer look and see what we’ve got with these two. First of all, we have a Fire sign and an Air sign. So far so good, except for the usual danger of too much Air causing an explosion or too much Fire burning up all the Air. In general, these two can build a healthy, synergistic relationship. One point there.

We have a Fixed sign and a Cardinal sign. This can be a bit of a challenge, but its success depends largely on what the Fixed sign is fixed about. This generally means that these people are set in their ways and not likely to change. This also means they’re quite stable, but you just need to know what that means. A Fixed Fire sign is likely to be fixed in knowing what they want and how to get it. They’re a bit opinionated, primarily in liking high quality merchandise, the more the better. These are the folks that like the labels in their clothing to say the right things, like DKNY. Walmart is not likely to be their favorite store. Libra, being capable more than most at being able to see both sides of an argument can probably deal with that. Libra also appreciates beauty and fine things. Another point there, making two, total.

We have someone ruled by the Sun and someone ruled by Venus. This is not a bad combination at all. One is at the center of the Solar System with all the other planets revolving around it and Venus is the Goddess of Love. Leo has definitely been known to think they’re at the center of the Solar System, maybe even the Universe, and Libra definitely wants to bring love and harmony to all creatures, on Earth and everywhere else. So far so good. That brings us to three points.

Then we have Leo hailing from the 5th House of creativity, children, love affairs, entertainment, speculation, and other enjoyable activities. Not a bad place to be from and certainly not a bad match for someone resident in the 7th House of relationships. That makes four points. Not bad, not bad at all.

So the fundamentals all seem to work for these two. I guess the things I would put on the Watch List for this couple would be, 1) Leo’s need for affirmation, adoration and of course, homage in the form of expensive gifts; 2) Libra’s tendency to argue when they’re trying to be fair to everyone. (Hint: Lions aren’t always interested in being fair. Remember they’re carnivorous and eat other animals. This is the antithesis of "fair." They also consider themselves royalty and don’t like to be questioned. I knew a Leo once who got a PhD in ornithology, which to those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically birdwatching, and wondered why she couldn’t find a job. <sigh>) Nonetheless, keep those two items, as well as the bank account, under control and you might have something worth keeping.

* * *

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