In a relationship between Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs, the winds are definitely going to blow.  Both of these people like to talk and are good at it.  Since there is a strong element of compatibility, they will generally get along quite well, much like White Clouds skimming across the blue sky on a spring day.  Air signs generally approach the world logically and make most their decisions based on facts rather than emotion.  This does not mean they don't have emotions, only that they will favor logical arguments over emotional ones.  When both parties agree on the same approach, this can help make true disagreements infrequent, but at the same time they might be missing an element that would improve the solution and enrich their lives. 








Thus, it would behoove these folks to make a conscious effort, in their own logical way, to factor their feelings into relevant decisions.  For example, say they can get a really good vacation deal going to North Dakota in February instead of Mardi Gras, but is that where they really want to go?  Giving into their sense of adventure and their actual feelings could offer an experience that would have far more value in the years to come.  They would do well to solicit how their partner feels about something, which will help them learn to incorporate this new dimension into their decisions.  It can also serve as a tie-breaker if it ever becomes necessary.  When two logic-driven Air sign people have opposing viewpoints you're going to have some serious wind forces which could easily evolve into a Tornado This could possibly be prevented if both parties will go to the next level and consider what their intuition and heart is telling them and not just the cold, hard facts.

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