A relationship between two Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) signs is generally stable and relatively quiet.  It can achieve the peace and tranquility of a Cavern,  deep and solid beneath the ground and filled with inner beauty unlike anywhere above.  But what both parties need to realize is how dark it is when the lights go out.  Earth signs are driven by logic as opposed to emotion.  While this is what contributes to all that peace and tranquility, life is not only about logic and facts.  Many of the richest moments in life have little to do with anything but emotion.  Earth signs have emotions, they just tend to keep them buried and seldom talk about them.  They try to pretend that they either don't count or are below consideration.  Furthermore, they tend to be judgmental and jump to conclusions, which is always dangerous when dealing without something that isn't logical, like emotions.

Taurus - Taurus

Taurus - Virgo

Taurus - Capricorn

Virgo - Virgo

Virgo - Capricorn

Capricorn - Capricorn

However, after they're ignored for too long, the result can be an Earthquake that scores eight on the Emotional Scale.  As part of their use of logic, these folks need to make a specific effort to recognize their emotional needs.  They should not stuff them underground but need to learn to develop a sense for when they should allow their heart to lead instead of their head.  Since Earth signs don't like to talk about their feelings, they'll need to help each other learn to do so.  Being similar in nature, these two should recognize the other's discomfort and make it easier for their partner by soliciting what they feel as part of the discussion.  By learning to recognize the value of the emotions and needs associated with them, they will assure that pleasant cavern doesn't get torn asunder by forces even further beneath the surface that they chose to ignore.  It's not a good idea to build a relationship or anything else on top of a fault line.

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