An Aquarius Moon will give a person an unconventional spin that can be quite incongruent with certain Sun Signs For example, if their Sun is in an Earth Element they can appear to be very practical and conservative, yet have a surprisingly liberal social view.  This placement will instill a microcosm of The Age of Aquarius on the individual that will show up in how they dress, the friends they have and what they do in their spare time.  It is likely that they won't even understand this themselves. They tend to be attractive and enigmatic, making them difficult to really know because what you see if usually not what you're going to get.

Remember that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of surprises and the unexpected.  You never know what will happen when this planet is active, either in a person's Natal or Progressed Chart much less current Transits.  Since the Moon affects our emotional nature, this will instill an unpredictable nature which can confuse the hell out of anyone associated with this person.  Cancers are known for being moody, which results from being ruled by the Moon, but an Aquarius Moon affects more than simply moods that come and go as the tides. 

Creativity, innovation and unconventional thinking will be solidly linked to their emotional nature.  Aquarius is an Air Sign which likes to talk so they will most likely have no problem expressing their feelings.  They are also ruled by logic as opposed to emotion, and thus are very good in a crisis.  On a global level they care for people perhaps more than individuals and will often pitch in and help, even organize, major humanitarian or relief efforts when required.  Their problem solving ability is strong and thinking outside the box comes naturally.

An Aquarius Moon in the 1st House or especially on the Ascendant will have a strong influence on the personality generally.  It could even dominate the Sun Sign, depending on its placement.  In the 2nd House, depending on other planetary aspects, it could make them extremely disinterested in material things perhaps to the point of giving things away whenever someone seemingly likes or needs it more than they do.  In the 3rd House it will enhance innovative thinking.  In the 4th the home environment is likely to be unconventional either in the home itself (like those houses you see entirely covered with hubcaps or made from bottles) or in the family structure. 

In the 5th, their humanitarian streak is likely to be directed toward children's organizations and their creativity will also be strong.  Love affairs are likely to be quite numerous and colorful or different in some way.  These folks could really be inclined toward shipboard romances and similar flings.  In the 6th, their work could be heavily directed toward charitable activities, healthcare or possibly veterinary pursuits.  In the 7th, relationships will definitely be different and likely to evolve from group activities.  Eighth House placement could make for an interesting sex life, an interest in death-related activities such as Hospice and could also make for some unconventional entrepreneurial activities. 

In the 9th they could become heavily involved in large scale social change either at home or abroad.  Tenth House placement could make for some fascinating career choices from which they would need to obtain a lot of emotional satisfaction or be very frustrated.  The 11th House is homebase for Aquarius and would make group interaction and acceptance an inherent element in their life.  In the 12th House, they would be very likely to come up with some interesting and unconventional ideas relative to psychological issues.

A Progressed Moon in Aquarius will more than likely incline the person toward more group involvement and social interaction than before.  They'll be more interested in helping others, charitable activities, and world events, depending on other chart elements.  The emotions will be slightly less aloof than Capricorn, but will still be controlled and driven by logic.  This is a good time to get involved in group activities, expand your circle of friends and interests, network in your career field, and exercise your individuality. 

* * *

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