Here is another one of those double-whammy Moons, since Pisces is a Water Sign and already significantly emotional.  Feelings will be deep and sometimes visceral, moving the person in ways unknown to Earth, Fire and Air Signs.  They are very likely to be moved to tears by such things as a sentimental song or even a tragic news story.  In the case of the latter, they are very likely to want to help in some way to relieve any human suffering.  No thanks to Neptune, they can be easily duped so must be careful not to fall too quickly for "hard luck" stories or the pleadings of televangelists.

Since this placement magnifies the emotions, it also can predispose a person to escapism if life becomes too painful.  They should be careful to avoid drugs and alcohol, particularly when under stress, and realize they could suffer adverse side effects to medically necessary drugs as well.  Other coping mechanisms should be sought as well as healthy outlets for stress.  Pisces seek transcendence in one form or another and some are healthier than others.  Yoga, tai chi, or other sports as physical capabilities allow are often ways in which to zone out in a positive way.

Since these individuals are so sensitive to emotional pain themselves, they will generally do everything possible to spare others from being hurt.  Unfortunately, this makes it easy for them to justify lying which they can do very easily with fabrications and untruths generated effortlessly and convincingly.  They can also deceive themselves in an effort to avoid unpleasant and/or painful situations.

It is important to find suitable outlets for all this emotional energy.  Creative efforts can serve well in this area, since they are usually enhanced when imbued with emotion.  The most moving music, artwork and writing, whether prose or poetry, always has a strong emotional element which these folks can certainly provide.  The excursion provided by the imagination in such endeavors is another acceptable means for escape, provided they are able to discern between their fantasies and reality.

Individuals with Water Sign Moons need to be especially cautious in relationships.  Due to their empathic and caring nature, they are easily taken advantage of and the scars of such can run deep.  They need to be certain that they know what they are getting into and that they can trust anyone they're involved in, whether in a personal or business sense.  Their instincts are generally quite strong and they need to be able to read them and when required separate them from what is purely an emotional reaction.  That pitiful looking beggar may well deserve his sorry situation and not be helped by an easy way out. 

Conversely, since their entire existence is afloat in a sea of emotion, they also know how to use others' feelings to their own advantage by using guilt, pity or other ploys to get what they want.  A sense of entitlement is commonly found with Pisceans and they have no problem asking for a favor.  Remember as well that the Grand Canyon was formed by water and in a similar manner Water Signs have quite the knack for wearing down people and their resistance until they get what they want.  When you acquire a Pisces Moon by progression, you may find yourself being manipulative when you never did so, or possibly even abhorred such practices, before.  Moving into that territory from Aquarius, which is a logical Air Sign and inclined to be a bit detached, can be a bit of a shock.  One thing to remember is that if and when you find yourself reacting entirely differently emotionally for an extended period of time from the way you did in the past, the chances are good that you have changed Moon Signs.  If you wonder how to know what your Progressed Moon Sign is, you can find out from our Progressed Chart Report.

* * *

How does this month shape up emotionally?  Find out with a Lunar Return report.


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