Your Moon Sign drives your emotions and how you react to them. Thus, a Taurus Moon will give you the emotional qualities associated with the sign, Taurus.  You'll be patient and take your time deciding how you feel about something, which is not always a good thing.  Not everyone is on your time table and kingdoms may rise and fall in the time it takes you to figure out whether you're going to ask someone out on a second date.  Windows of opportunity close from time to time and you may find yourself bumping your nose on the glass more often than not.

On the positive side, you're non-reactive and stable so you operate well in a crisis when everyone else is running in circles wondering what to do.  Remember that Taurus is an Earth sign, which imbues practicality and logic.  These traits will be reflected in your emotional nature and if you become emotionally involved with a Fire or Water sign they may become frustrated with the fact you approach relationships in a logical way compared to them.  In other words, your head will rule your heart, which can cause problems.  You are likely to think they're emotional and should get a grip and they're likely to think that you're cold and unfeeling.  Further clues to what to expect can be found in our Compatibility section for the specific signs or the section on that page for Figurative Elemental Reactions.  The one saving grace is that Taurus is ruled by Venus and therefore has a certain inherent inclination toward being romantic.  You like (possibly even live for) good food and drink.  Thus, whether you're a male or female, a romantic dinner is likely to be one of your favorite dates.  However, you may have a tendency to really do the comfort food thing and as a result you may have to watch your weight. 

You also like a pleasant, aesthetic environment.  You value nice things and in spite of your patience, appreciate peace, quiet and order.  Comfort is important to you and you like soft fabrics and comfortable shoes.  Whether or not they're stylish or not is irrelevant.  You'll buy quality items, most likely on sale, and then wear them until they're worn out.  The same goes for furniture.  Comfort and a nice appearance mean a lot, even though your frugal side may not have a problem getting through college in a studio apartment furnished with floor pillows and shelving units from IKEA or the local thrift shop as long as none of it is actual junk.  Most likely those pillows will wind up in your summer home someday and those shelves will be in your garage until you die.

Taurus is a Fixed Sign and doesn't like change.  Once you make up your mind, that's it and you don't want to revisit the issue.  This is a nice theory, but in reality not the most practical.  Situations change whether you like it or not so make sure you learn to recognize when it's time to do something a little differently.  Along these same lines of not changing your mind, if someone upsets you in any way you'll bear a grudge forever, long after you've forgotten what happened.  This is another relationship faux pas that will cause significant problems.  With a Taurus Moon you don't necessarily avail yourself to all those logical Earth Sign traits found in the Sun Sign, but you need to muster all the logic you can in these situations and decide whether the benefits are worth the cost.

Remember also that Taurus is the Zodiacal Second House of possessions, which includes your values and body, by the way.  As such, you will tend to be very possessive of people as well as things.  You need to be careful that you don't impose your will on those around you as you would a pet.  Taurus is known for its tendency to be stubborn and this can be a significant problem with emotional issues where you may well cut off your nose to spite your face before giving in to something you don't agree with.  Learning to listen and being willing to work toward a compromise will do much toward maintaining that peaceful environment you like so well.  No matter how comfortable that couch may be, you probably won't particularly enjoy sleeping on it.

When your Moon Sign enters Taurus by Progression it will be noticeable to you as well as everyone else.  This is because the previous sign is Aries and there are obvious differences.  Generally, everyone will be pleasantly surprised that all of a sudden you've calmed down significantly.  However, that Mars energy and enthusiasm will also wane, making laziness and procrastination more likely.  But don't worry, a few years down the road when you slip into Gemini all that energy will return with a vengeance.

Moon Sign changes via progression make a considerable difference in how people feel and react to emotional issues but few know what is going on when it occurs. That is why I put this information out here, so you’ll understand yourself and those around you better so you can use these astronomical influences in a way that promote your growth.

* * *

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