Fire and Water signs, while they sound tremendously different, are alike in the respect that they are both driven more by emotion than logic.  This means that when they're making a decision they will most often go with their heart or gut feeling rather than logical facts.  It doesn't mean they can't or don't use logic, only that when they have to choose between logic and emotion that the latter will win. This gives Fire and Water something in common, but also makes for some pretty emotional discussions.  When in equilibrium, the interaction will be similar to the soothing warmth of a hot tub that offers an environment where you can relax and forget the harsher parts of life.   However, if the thermostat goes out and that water heats up, that comfort zone can dissipate and fast.

Aries - Cancer

Aries - Scorpio

Aries - Pisces

Leo - Cancer

Leo - Scorpio

Leo - Pisces

Sagittarius - Cancer

Sagittarius - Scorpio

Sagittarius - Pisces

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), particularly if their temper is aroused, is likely to throw a fair amount of heat while Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), especially the females, is very likely to literally throw water on the issue in the form of tears.  When neither party is coming from a logical, controlled standpoint, the emotional energy can build up until the result is similar to a Boiler Explosion where people get burned and hit with flying debris to say nothing of the noise and damage it creates.

These couples need to make sure that they address issues early, long before they get so far out of hand that few if any facts are being incorporated into the argument.

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