Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs should be naturally compatible, largely because they are simply different forms of the same elements.  The combination should also bring balance to a relationship in that Water tends to base its decisions on what their heart and intuition tells them while Air leans more toward logic.  At best, these two should achieve a happy balance similar to Windsurfing, exploiting their best possible characteristics to glide through life while they explore both approaches to problems and agree on the best solution.  Nonetheless, if a serious disagreement arises, this couple has the potential to create a regular, emotional Hurricane.  If neither will budge from their view of the world, i.e. Water is stuck on the emotional side and Air on the logical, the water level and wind speed will start to rise.

Cancer - Gemini

Cancer - Libra

Cancer - Aquarius

Scorpio - Gemini

Scorpio - Libra

Scorpio - Aquarius

Pisces - Gemini

Pisces - Libra

Pisces - Aquarius

If Water is too tangled up in emotion to speak clearly, or perhaps at all, the Air element's strong verbal skills are likely to overwhelm the argument by sheer gale-force winds.  Remember, however, that the most destructive force in a hurricane derives from the storm surge and wall of water delivered on the coastlines as well as the many inches of rain delivered over a short period of time.  Once the wind dies down, there can be a tremendous amount of water damage to deal with, so Air needs to make sure they know when to introduce the ultimate in logic by making the suggestion that discussion be deferred until they both calm down .

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