A Capricorn Moon will instill a large measure of practicality and logic to the emotional nature.  Reactions will be controlled, even stifled, and tremendously understated.  For instance, if someone with a Capricorn Moon (or Sun Sign) were to win a $20 million lottery, they'd probably simply smile and say something like, "Cool.  This will bode well for my retirement."  They are usually quiet and reserved and believe that maintaining proper control and dignity is essential.  They simply will not lower themselves to emotional displays or give others the satisfaction of knowing they got to them in any way. 

Of course in close relationships, whether involving a lover or family members, this undemonstrative demeanor can send a very inaccurate message.  Unless the other party is likewise heavily influenced by Earth Signs they are likely to think that Mr. or Ms. Capricorn simply doesn't give a damn when this is really not true at all.  These traits can be influenced further by the placement of Venus and Mars in their individual Natal or Progressed Charts.

Would the truth be known, Capricorns feel a lot more than they let on.  As an Earth Sign they don't feel emotions with the intensity of the Water Signs by any means, but they are far from uncaring.  There are few signs more dedicated to family than a Capricorn except possibly their Polar Sign, Cancer.  They have an extremely strong sense of responsibility and will sacrifice just about anything, including their personal happiness, to fulfill their obligations.  While they don't seek public accolades and attention like the Fire Signs, they nonetheless have a tremendous need for appreciation.  If they don't get any acknowledgement or gratitude they are likely to be very hurt, even bitter, and can even become quite depressed.  Saturn is famous for causing discouragement and depression. They need to feel important and needed and that their efforts are recognized.

When in the 1st House or on the Ascendant these elements will be a strong influence on the personality as a whole.  In the 2nd House, great practicality will be reflected in their possessions.  Their purchases will reflect quality but at the best price and they will often do without if they can't justify the need strongly enough.  In the 3rd House, they'll be very logical in their thought patterns and able to easily identify practical solutions to problems.  In the 4th, they'll be especially close to their family and devote nearly all their free time toward making it as secure as possible.  They will want a home in a respectable, stable neighborhood and most likely have it paid off a lot sooner than the mortgage requires. 

In the 5th House, children will be a strong focus.  Their creativity will be colored with practicality.  There probably won't be too many love affairs as compared to other signs since they tend to be quite selective and have better emotional control.  They'll generally fare somewhat better by themselves than other Signs as well, e.g. Libra6th House placement will put even more emphasis on the importance of their work and may also spur an interest in health and fitness.  In the 7th and 8th House it could particularly stifle relationships by further inhibiting their emotional expression in these areas.  In the 9th House they may be particularly drawn to academia or the study of law as these are quite compatible with the Capricorn tendency toward social climbing.  The 10th House is home base and will further spur them toward career success, which will be terrifically important to them emotionally.  In the 11th House their group interaction will be quite reserved or possibly nonexistent, and in the 12th they'll have a strong inclination to rationalize and control their subconscious.  They'll be able to do quite well using self-help books to "fix" their various hang-ups.

When your Progressed Moon is in Capricorn it's a good time to work on advancing your career or improving your financial security.  Taking care of your family is likely to be quite important, noticeably so after coming out of Sagittarius.  Any practical endeavor will be enhanced and some of those tedious albeit boring tasks like putting your investment portfolio or will in order will be much more interesting at this time.

* * *

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